Forget Mountain Lions, Wolf-Dogs Are Our New Problem

Last summer I was at a party chatting with a stranger who liked to hear himself talk. He insisted that there were wolves in Connecticut. I like to choose my battles so I let that particular assertion pass. I figured he just didn’t know about the Coywolf. Then I heard that Wolf-Dog hybrids are attacking people and animals in Southeastern, CT and I thought maybe this guy wasn’t so full of it after all.

Apparently, people at boat launches and horse barns have been menaced by three, large white canines. One of the rather beautiful animals was shot, and The Day got its paws on a picture.



Mapping Connecticut

Lately the internet seems to be into maps. I can’t peruse Facebook or scroll through Twitter without coming across a map announcing something about Connecticut (and all those other states we don’t care about). If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve no doubt seen some of these already. If you don’t follow us on Facebook…something is obviously wrong with you. So, to make it easier on you, we’ve decided to collect those maps here.


I don’t eat a lot of meat, for ethical and health reasons. When I do, I try to make sure someone was nice to that meat until it was killed. That gets expensive, though, so basically I eat a lot of beans, eggs, and smoothies. But even I wasn’t surprised when I saw that Connecticut gets credit for the hamburger. Personally, I’d rather have andouille or whatever is in that taco in Arizona, but at least we didn’t get saddled with SPAM.


A Few Good Reasons to Move to Hartford

I have a real estate obsession. Whenever I get a few quiet moments, I pull out the iPad and fire up one of my real estate apps to start looking at property I can’t afford. When I discovered, I thought about quitting my job to surf listings full time. Today, though, I decided to see what Hartford had to offer in the way of housing, and I found some of the coolest, prettiest properties I’ve ever seen.

Here are just a few good reasons to move to New England’s Rising Star:

The Firehouse

firehouse (more…)

These Guys Really “Love” Cows

Honestly, I  don’t even know what to say about this. What can one say about two guys who were (allegedly) caught having sex with cows? Don’t the details of the story just speak for themselves?

Reid A. Fontaine (right), a once esteemed (we assume) employee of the Farmington school district, was caught on camera trying to have sex with a cow. So was his buddy Michael Jones.

Yep… (more…)

Connecticut Wants to Sex You Up (for about 3 minutes)

I don’t know who the brave souls using the Spreadsheets app (there are so many entendres in there) or how you know when to begin and end your timer, but thanks for helping put us way out in front of those losers in Alaska and Florida. We’re assuming foreplay can’t possibly be included in these times, but since we don’t intend on putting a stopwatch on our sexual activity it doesn’t effect us.

(Possible) Faretheewell to The Crown Market

Get it now!

Many of you have probably heard that The Crown Market, a longtime family market in Bishop’s Corner in West Hartford, is closing. Probably. We’ll get to that.

If you’re not familiar with Crown, you’re either not a native Nutmegger or you’ve been totally missing out. While it is a family owned market, I doubt too many people do their weekly shop there, unless you’re strict kosher. Most of us aren’t, but there have been plenty of reasons to pay it a visit even if we aren’t Jewish. (more…)

Connecticut Craigslist: A Treasure Trove of Tremendous Trinkets

Do you ever find yourself browsing Craigslist in the hopes of finding a new-to-you coffee table, an apartment, or a date and find yourself asking, “Who the hell is still living with a couch that looks like that?” Or perhaps your thoughts go more toward, “Why in God’s name did anyone ever make that ugly piece of crap to begin with?” Well, I have these thoughts fairly often and feel the need to share some of my best/worst finds with the good people of Connecticut.

I don't know where to start: the pattern, the fabric, the vertigo I'm getting from looking too closely.

I don’t know where to start: the pattern, the fabric, the vertigo I’m getting from looking too closely.


Review: India Kitchen (Former Roy Rogers/Fung Wah Bus Stop)

Yes, it sort of was like baby food in taste too...

Yes, it sort of was like baby food in taste too…

Some of you may be familiar with the old Roy Rogers (sort of) by Buckland Hills Mall in Manchester, close to the VIP side of the mall. It’s also a former stop for the infamous, now suspended Fung-Wah Bus. If you weren’t aware, it was transformed (and is still transforming) into India Kitchen. (This has been going on for years.)

The Pilot and I decided to try it out using a Groupon last weekend and it’s a darn good thing we had a Groupon. If you remember the old Roy Rogers, the building still looks just as run down. Don’t expect a lot from decor, because you won’t get it. Most of the time, I don’t really care because I assume the bigger the shithole the more delicious the food. (more…)