The Meadows Brothers Are My Favorite Discovery of the Year

I just happened to be at the Glastonbury Apple Festival while the Meadows Brothers were on stage. The Farmer and I immediately pulled up a bail of hay and sat through their entire set. I also emptied my pockets into their donation bin and took a CD. And it seems as if WNPR has discovered them as well, because the Brothers’ Twitter feed says they have a segment airing on Friday.

Here’s another one for good measure.


Add Some Nutmeg to Your Holiday with These Local Events

If anyone tells me there’s nothing to do in Connecticut this holiday season, they are going to get a big fistful of “shut the hell up, you idiot”. But, to make it easy for you, we’ve compiled some great happenings for just about every budget and level of Scroogery.

Obviously, you should gift local. That’s a whole thing of it’s ownBut, get out there and check out everything Connecticut has to offer for the holidays. These are just some of our favorites.

Mystic Seaport’s Lantern Light Tours are a theatrical production running now until December 27th, based on the twelve days of Christmas and guaranteed to be hilarious as this year’s production was written by Jacques Lamarre. Rumor has it that a horse met its maker this past weekend.

We know you’ve done Nutcracker to death, but have you ever checked out CONNetic Dance’s Suite & Spicy Nutcracker? It’s seriously more awesome than any other Nutcracker you can fathom. We’re talking ugly sweater parties, tap, jazz, hip hop, and more. It also benefits from a seriously good looking cast and company. (more…)

Doing Good in the Nutmeg State: The Holiday 2014 Edition

Don’t give this crap.

You’ve got a lot to do during the holiday season, and if you’re anything like me, you have a TON of people to buy gifts for. Supporting local organizations, businesses, and more will do a hell of a lot more for your holiday karma than shopping at the big box stores. You may also save what precious sanity you have left! As always, we have ideas

Give a membership to a local organization.

I’m not talking the Elks Club (what do elks do?). I mean a membership to the New Britain Museum of Art for the art lover, The Mark Twain House & Museum for the reader or writer, Beardsley Zoo or Mystic Aquarium for the animal lover. If the animal lovers in your life have a problem with zoos and aquariums, then donate to a local rescue or shelter in their name (CT Humane Society, Our Companions, and Protectors of Animals are all good choices). Have an entire family to buy for? Go for the Lutz Museum or the CT Science Center. You get the idea. It’s one of those gifts that keeps giving all year long. (more…)

For the Last Time: Connecticut is More Than Fairfield County

As far as I can tell, Movoto is a vapid gas bag of a website that purports to be about real estate. The writers over there keep sharting out BuzzFeed-style posts about places they appear to know nothing about. And, because god hates me, the ones about Connecticut keep coming to my attention (please see “Connecticuddling Is Not a Thing”). Now, Movoto is trafficking in stereotypes to help sell real estate in “10 Connecticut Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate“…and they just won’t let “liberalservatives” die despite what Mark Wahlberg had to say about it in my last post regarding this Tucker Max of real estate sites.

Let’s dissect some of the most egregious stereotypes being perpetuated.

“Connecticut Has A Bit Of A New York Inferiority Complex”



Live and Let Live: Discord in Hartford’s West End

I have a strange aversion to nice neighborhoods. The thing about living among affluent people — or even the solidly middle class — is that they seem to think what you do with your property is their business, even when it doesn’t affect them. The first time I heard about Home Owners Associations that dictated what kinds of fences you can put up, whether you can put up a fence at all, or where you can put a vegetable garden, I nearly lost my mind. I will plant my vegetable garden in the sun…and if that means in the front yard, OH WELL! When I commit to spending the next 30 years of my life paying off a piece of property, you better believe I’ll do whatever the hell I want with it.

So you can only imagine my reaction to hearing about this story in the West End of Hartford, where the city (and some neighbors) are trying to put an end to a communal living situation happening on Scarborough Street. Eleven people, mostly couples–and a few kids–occupy a mansion bought by two of the occupants. As far as I can tell they haven’t done anything to bother their neighbors other than just living there. (more…)

WTF is Going on at UCONN?

A few times a year UCONN magazine shows up in my mailbox. An issue appeared last week, complete with giant, glorious buds of marijuana on the cover. Apparently they’re doing great things with medicinal marijuana up there. Good for them!

You know what wasn’t in the issue? Mention of the Fraternity vs. Sorority smackdown that ended with members of the PIKE fraternity using racist and sexist language toward the ladies of AKA…apparently over a rock. You know what else wasn’t in the magazine? They failed to mention that Jerry Springer is bringing some kind of dating show to campus(more…)

Cats in Residence at Real Art ways

If you’ve been to Real Art Ways lately you may have noticed a hint of dander in the air thanks to the Cats in Residence exhibition. What the hell is up with that, you may ask. Well, it’s basically a pop up shelter in the gallery of Real Art Ways. I headed over there with the Farmer for the opening reception and ran into none other than CONNetic Dance’s Carolyn Paine while we were there. (Shameless plug: Get your tickets for the Nutcracker Suite & Spicy now!) You may have heard a rumor that she got kicked out of the cat habitat. I am here to confirm that it is true.

Cat art at Real Art Ways. I want one for my house.

Cat art at Real Art Ways. I want one for my house.

The Cats in Residence exhibition runs until December 7, and as the cats get adopted new ones comes in. And they are getting adopted. One even got snapped up by Scot Haney.  (more…)