“Connecticuddling” is not a thing

The other day we found what just might be the most pointless thing ever posted on the internet, and that includes everything we’ve ever posted. So, ya know…it’s pretty bad. “10 Things You Need to Know About Dating Someone from Connecticut” popped up in my Facebook newsfeed and I clicked through, just in case it was something I needed to send The Farmer. It was not. 

Rather than an informative, or even humorous listicle I found what appeared to be something written by some poor freelancer who has never actually set foot in Connecticut. (If there is a great disturbance in the universe and I am proven wrong, and this person is actually from Connecticut, then I can only assume he or she is from Fairfield County, which we all know only counts as Connecticut for tax purposes.)

There’s something on the list about the whole Red Sox vs. Yankee rivalry, but you may not even get that far down the list because you are so baffled/irate/homicidal over the first item on the list: “Connecticuddling.”


Happy Birthday Colin McEnroe Show!

You may have heard that, last night, the Colin McEnroe Show celebrated it’s 5th anniversary at the brand spanking new Infinity Hall in Hartford. Something like 500 people showed up to watch those of us involved with the show humiliate ourselves on stage with a sing-a-long. Oh and maybe they wanted to get a glimpse of celebrities like Chion Wolf and Betsy Kaplan (the J.D. Salinger of Public Radio). Grayson Hugh and Polly were nice enough to stop by and rock out, and hopefully they weren’t accosted too often.

CELEBRITIES! You can see more like this at Courant.com

Here’s the thing about being on The Nose; you sit in a small room and talk to three very smart, funny, interesting people. It’s easy to forget anyone is listening, so when people acknowledge that they heard you, it’s kind of weird. It’s weird even when you know those people, but it’s borderline creepy when you don’t know those people. Carolyn Paine knows the most about this. She gets a lot more creepers contacting her than the rest of us do. But Luis Figueroa gets a lot of people telling him they like his accent.  (more…)

My Boyfriends Are All At Tangiers

Yes, it’s true. My boyfriends are all at Tangiers. They are not my boyfriends just because they are good looking, well groomed, nice, friendly men (they are), but because they make me delicious food. Ever since Tangiers Market moved to its new location on Farmington Ave. across from Tisane, they’ve been five minutes closer to my office. That five minutes has made all the difference.

The new location is no fancier than the old location, but it seems bigger and brighter. It’s always incredibly clean and well stocked with products from the Middle East and Mediterranean. Think dates and figs, Greek cheeses, falafel, couscous, olive oils, and delicious desserts. They even have bread from the Hartford Baking Company. (more…)

Hodge Podge & Envisionfest

I’m not gonna lie. When I went to Hartford Hodge Podge this weekend I didn’t fully realize Envisionfest was happening–or that it was different than Hodge Podge–but boy am I glad I happened to end up there on the right weekend. I could bore you by recounting my path through Hartford–telling you about the cider donuts I ate from On 20, or the beet burger The Farmer got from Amor food truck. But in this case, I think a picture is worth a thousand words. So here it goes:

Hodge Podge

Hodge Podge


Cheapskate: Get Ye to a Library Book Sale

I loved used-book stores, but somehow I had avoided library book sales for my entire life until last spring. I went out looking for a plant sale and stumbled upon a library book sale. The Farmer and I wandered in there and found ourselves among a horde of middle class people looking for a bargain. They came prepared with boxes and canvas bags. They had strategies in place. Couples worked in tandem to make sure they went over every book in the place. So when I started seeing signs pop up around town for the fall library book sale I immediately texted The Farmer. We were going to score some used literary gems!

During that first trip to the book sale, I looked at people piling up dozens of books in boxes and canvas bags, and imagined they lived in dark, dusty houses where the walls were taken over by sagging bookshelves. Of course this didn’t stop me from finding a pile of books of my own to buy–most importantly, a copy of Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom that he wouldn’t get any royalties for. (Actually, there were multiple copies of this book at both library book sales). I also found a copy of a book I had been examining during every trip to Barnes & Noble and then not buying because I have so many unread books piled up at my house.

A week before the second sale The Farmer and I wandered in and out of stores in Northampton, including some bookstores–used and otherwise. I found several books I was thinking about buying, but I knew the library book sale was coming so I held back. As we drove to the library, I read a list of books I was hoping to find. One of which was An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser.  (more…)

Connecticut is a Fertile Valley of Magic (and Unicorns)

The name doesn't lie...

The name doesn’t lie…

So recently, a guy dared to say he likes living in Connecticut. Internet commenters immediately jumped into action trying to cut this affable, generous human being down to size because fuuuuuuuckTAXESmaaaaan!  This spurred a column from Colin McEnroe, which spurred a letter from an angry reader who doesn’t understand internet commenters or how news sites work. (For the record, trolls love it when you insult them, it’s their oxygen. And news sites love it when commenters get angry and drive up page views. It’s a win-win.) (more…)

The Glawackus is on the Front Page of The Courant!!!

In the name of all that is unholy… my prayers have been answered — by Peter Marteka of all people. We all know that I love cryptic creatures, especially the Glawackus. Unfortunately, the article does not mention my completely scientific conclusion that the Glawackus was a Fisher.

Check it out -- http://www.courant.com/

Check it out — http://www.courant.com/