Hartford is Bad for Yoga Instructors or Something

GET OUT OF THE ROAD! (Matt Madd, Flickr Creative Commons)

GET OUT OF THE ROAD! (Matt Madd, Flickr Creative Commons)

I never really trust any of these “Best Cities for…” lists, but I’m choosing to believe that Hartford is, in fact, the third worst metro-area for yoga instructors. I like yoga as much as the next person. I enjoy stretching and relaxing, and trying not to make any embarrassing noises . But this study confuses me in a way that I find entirely unpleasant.  (more…)

The Nutmegger’s Guide to Gilmore Girls

Last night my Facebook feed filled with something that brought pure, unadulterated joy to my life: News broke that Netflix will be bringing Gilmore Girls back. Sort of.

After I scraped myself off the floor–yes, I passed out–I started thinking about what fortuitous timing this was. A couple weeks back, I started listening to the Gilmore Guys podcast. My world is sad and cold without new antics from the Stars Hollow crew to warm up my cold, autumn nights. But hearing the guys talk about the show helped me see it through new eyes…including all the stuff that either a) people don’t understand about Connecticut b) the show got wrong about Connecticut. So, before Amy Sherman Palladino gets to give the show the end it deserved, we need to have a little chat. (Also, maybe we can help out anyone looking for The Gilmore Girls Experience.) (more…)

Wesleyan Cuts Newspaper Funding, Apparently Hates Free Speech

MV5BMTc0MzQ1MDE4NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTAyNzYyMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR5,0,214,317_AL_Oh, Wesleyan. Are you actively trying to become a parody of yourself? Or maybe you’re just hoping Jeremy Piven will star in another movie about you? We can’t imagine why anyone would want to be associated with Piven — so we’re going to assume you have your heads so far up your art history studying tushes, that you’ve forgotten about the importance of free speech, especially on college campuses.

For those of you who are not following the shenanigans going on at Wesleyan, here is a rundown:

  • In September a student wrote an arguably stupid Op-Ed criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement
  • The liberal sensibilities of a bunch of sheltered college kids were offended
  • Instead of just, say, being satisfied to write their own Op-Eds in response, and getting a healthy dialog going — where even dissenting opinions are allowed and encouraged — “student government members also called for the paper to be boycotted altogether over the decision to publish the op-ed” according to Jezebel
  • Then the Student Assembly voted to slash the newspaper’s funding from $30k to $13k…or did it

The Student assembly claims, via Twitter, that it did not vote to defund The Argus.


#NotAllHuskies (But I Want Some of that Mac-n-Cheese)

First, let’s get our biases out of the way: We are UConn graduates. In fact, a couple years ago the AP and I went to see a play at Jorgensen, and stopped by the student union for dinner. We were amazed by the building’s transformation, because it was basically a dark hole of despair when we were there. There was a video rental place (yeah, it was that long ago), a commuter student lounge, and a roof that encouraged me to pass through on rainy days. We can honestly say that something like this would not have happened when we were there, because the only food was Jonathan’s and it basically just piles of fried crap.


Nobody Puts Stonington in a Corner

There are a lot of movie references to be made about this story coming out of Stonington:

Stonington High School has instituted a new policy beginning with Saturday’s homecoming dance that prohibits ‘grinding and other forms of inappropriate dancing and touching.'”

I was always more of a Dirty Dancing girl than a Footloose girl, so we’re going to stick with the Baby Houseman/Johnny Castle-themed references. Actually, I’d rather watch that movie for the 3,000th time than think much more about anything going on in a high school gym in Stonington, so…

She carried a watermelon… It gets me every time. (more…)

Welcome Back, Wadsworth!

A very bad image of my favorite painting from the Wadsworth’s collection. It’s a Willem de Kooning. Go see it in person.

My title is slightly misleading. The Wadsworth Atheneum didn’t really go anywhere, however, it did have its grand re-opening last weekend. It was perfect timing because my boyfriend had been expressing his desire to go look at art. When I heard the Wadsworth would open its doors to the public for free, I practically dragged him down there. (It also happened to be Envisionfest, so we got to eat good food from the food trucks and check out stuff from local artists and crafts people — including some sweet sea-creature themed gear.)

The museum recently underwent a five year renovation which, according to the experts, is a masterpiece unto itself. Here’s just one of the glowing things The New York Times had to say about it: “The Atheneum has executed a transformation almost as profound as the Whitney’s without venturing beyond its footprint.”

I haven’t been to the Wadsworth since I was a kid, so I couldn’t really tell you what’s different. I’m a jerk. Admissions are free Wednesday – Friday from 4 – 5 pm, except on First Thursdays. And it’s only $10 for adult non-members the rest of the time. That is a steal! There is no reason not to go, like, now! (more…)