What to Do This Weekend: April 24-26

Isn't Hartford pretty? Flickr Creative Commons, Onasill - Bill Badzo

Isn’t Hartford pretty? Flickr Creative Commons, Onasill – Bill Badzo

We will be at a Baby Shower, welcoming new life — and watching old women lose their minds over tiny onesies and booties, while wondering “WTF is that baby torture contraption for?” (or maybe that’s just me). I will probably sneak out to hang out with the hostess’s chickens while the AP tries to convince strangers not to touch her baby. You probably won’t be doing any of those things, so you should do these instead:

  • Pratt Nature Center Earth Day will have live animals on Saturday
  • It’s going to be beautiful, so why not hit up the wine trail
  • It’s the last weekend to go see The Pianist of Willesden Lane at Hartford Stage…if you’re feeling indoorsy. Anti-Couric enjoyed it a few weeks ago.
  • If you think it’s too early or too cold for ice cream, you’re not a true Nutmegger. CT is full of small creameries and farms, so hop to it. Robb’s Farm in Glastonbury opens on Friday.
  • If you missed the Trashion Fashion Show last weekend, you can go to the Trashion Soiree on Saturday at Hartford City Hall, 7-9 p.m.

Did You Know Rosie the Riveter is From CT?

I turned on the radio this morning after I woke up and WNPR gave me some bad news: the model for Norman Rockwell’s “Rosie the Riveter” has died. She was 92. She was probably awesome. She lived a good life. What I didn’t know, was that she lived in Simsbury.

Her name was Mary Doyle Keefe and in 1943 she was living in Vermont, next door to Rockwell. She was a petite telephone operator who had never seen a rivet gun, but by the time Rockwell was done with her she was the face of a patriotic/feminist movement.

She only made $10. In 2002, the painting sold for $4.9 million, and is in a museum in Arkansas.

Though Keefe came to Connecticut later in life, she was an avid UConn women’s basketball fan. Good woman!

Just Say No to Hookah Lounges

I’ve never been to a hookah lounge. There are several reasons for this. I don’t like smoking, in any form. I assume there is a disturbing amount of germs being passed around, and while I have no problems with expired food and never use those “carriage wipes” at the grocery store (TRYCLOSAN IS EVIL), I am not interested in catching the flu from my friends. And the picture I have in my head of one of these places looks a lot like some sort of 70s/hipster hell. So…I was not at the Arabian Nights hookah lounge in West Hartford when a stabbing took place there.

Just say no, kids. Flickr Creative Commons, Paul Beattie

Just say no, kids. Flickr Creative Commons, Paul Beattie

At first, one might assume that a normal Tuesday night at the hookah lounge (WTF does that even look like?) turned ugly when patrons lost their minds and started stabbing each other. But that does not seem to be the case. First of all, the call to 911 came in at 3:17 a.m. If your local hookah bar is open until 3 a.m., please call the cops because it is a front — either for drugs or prostitutes. No, some sort of domestic disturbance occurred and when then cops showed up, a bleeding man was locked inside, and there was an injured woman outside.

It’s not totally clear how the man got inside the locked lounge, but I assume he has keys — which makes him the owner, or an employee.

While we never like to see anyone get hurt, I see this all as confirmation that I was right about hookah lounges and they are to be avoided at all costs.

What to Do This Weekend: April 17-19

It’s the time of year when I don’t want to do anything that doesn’t involve being outside. I’m so grateful for a little sun that I haven’t yet started taking it for granted. But I refuse to tell you my favorite outdoor spots, because I want them all to myself. So here are some other options for you.

Spring is Here: Time to Adopt a Homeless Pet in Connecticut

Spring is here, and we know this not because of the (finally!) nice weather, but because animal shelters across the state are being overwhelmed with pets. I’m not sure if people abandon their pets as soon as it gets nice out, or if more people outside means more people calling Animal Control about strays that have been wandering for a long time. Either way, it’s time for the rest of you to step up and adopt some homeless animals from your local shelters.

If none of these guys is right for you:

And finally, an excuse to share a photo of the Official Dogs of The CuT: (more…)

What To Do This Weekend: April 10-12

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 10.14.24 AM

Spring has finally spring…sort of. It’s important to remember that April flowers bring May flowers. I would like to be doing some yard clean up this weekend. But you probably don’t have the same affinity for yard work that I do, so here are some alternatives.

Please Stop Complaining About Taxes


Earlier today I saw an article that said Connecticut is the worst state to be a taxpayer in. I immediately thought of another article I saw about Connecticut’s 3 major metro areas having the highest “well-being”. And I said to myself, “Self, these two things have got to be related!”

I’m not a social scientist, by I am an expert in correlating things that seem obviously related. On the tax front:  (more…)

Binging and Purging with Faith Middleton

I like to imagine some Saturday Night Live writer from the 1990s visiting Connecticut for a relaxing vacation only to stumble upon Faith Middleton’s Food Schmooze and subsequently writing the biggest sketch of his life.

Personally, the sound of Middleton’s voice sends me into a blind rage. Now, I’m so conditioned to the start of her show that I start frothing at the mouth and swearing at artisinal cheese makers every day at 3 p.m. But I am clearly in the minority on this topic, because people continue to support the show. (more…)