Comedy Scenes from a Mall: A Trip to the Funny Bone Hartford

Comedy Central Creative Arts Emmy PartyLast Thursday something popped up in my Facebook feed: Kurt Metzger was going to be at the Hartford Funny Bone (which is actually the Manchester Funny Bone) over Labor Day weekend. I sent The Farmer a text telling him that I was buying tickets, because I didn’t want to wait for his opinion on the matter and risk the shows selling out. (more…)

Q&A with Gilmore Girls Fan Fest Founder, Jennie Whitaker

b98d0b30-12f5-0133-461b-0a2ca390b447From the moment I heard there was going to be a Gilmore Girls Fan Fest in Connecticut, I knew I had to talk to the literal genius behind it. As you can imagine, Jennie Whitaker, the festival’s Taylor Doose, is very busy! But she took the time to answer some of my questions–even though I was totally geeking out–and talk about the fest, how it came to be, and, of course, Gilmore Girls.

After the jump I go all Ace on it!


Gilmore Girls Fan Fest: Coming this Fall



Actually, if you don’t already have tickets, you’re kinda SOL because it’s already sold out (I’m sure there’s already a thriving underground scalping ring specifically for these tickets…and it’s run by Kirk) but that doesn’t dampen my excitement in the least, because bringing the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest to the town that started it all is Paris Gellar-level fabulous! (more…)

Do You Care What a RV Dealer Thinks About #BlackLivesMatter?


Way cooler than any RV. 

Have you driven North out of Hartford on 91 lately? Have you noticed the Long View RV jumbotron sign? Well, I have, and it’s really sticking in my craw.

As late as Thursday morning the electronic sign outside the RV dealer, and directly on the side of 91 North, said “All Lives Matter” and something like “Bring America Together.” I actually had to check my rear view mirror to see if I had misread the sign because, Why would a RV dealer be weighing in on politics and the news of the day on a billboard? It makes about as much sense as a failed businessman and trashy reality star running for President of the United States.  (more…)

An Open Letter to the Gilmore Guys

qbvnui3aDear Demi and Kevin (aka Gilmore Guys),

I just finished driving from Hartford to New Haven and back again while listening to your take on “Introducing Lorelai Planetarium,” and all about how much you loved Boston. I couldn’t help but feel a little twinge as I realized that you will probably never do a live show here in Connecticut. Frankly, fellas, this seems like an oversight on your part.

Now, I realize you can’t visit every tiny city with a civic center, but it seems to me that Connecticut’s cities deserve special consideration. This is the place that the Gilmores call home. Richard and Emily probably lived on Scarborough Street in Hartford, and somewhere there is a guy sitting under a tree in New Haven just waiting for Rory to come and pay him to leave. And somewhere out in the Northwest corner of the state, there’s a Miss Patty waiting to sexually harass two young gentlemen with a podcast. So, I’m here to make a case for us.

Consider for a moment, a dark alternate reality in which Amy Sherman Palladino had never visited the Mayflower Inn and startled the sedate town folk with her hats. There would be no Gilmore Girls if she hadn’t left New York City and headed to the wilds of Litchfield County to get a massage and cucumber water. That, my friends, is a world not worth living in. That is a bleak hellscape that even Tom Hardy could not survive in.

It seems pretty reasonable to assume that a trip to Connecticut might inspire the same creative genius in you.

Now, let’s assume that a science museum and an unfinished minor-league baseball stadium don’t interest you. Hartford still has plenty to offer a couple of single guys on the prowl. You can spend the day at the Mark Twain House and the Wadsworth Atheneum. After the show you can get dinner at Bear’s Smoke House, and then drown your sorrows at one of our many bars filled with Deans.

If none of that catches your attention, there’s always New Haven. You can wander the hallowed halls of Yale, see the largest collection of British art outside of the U.K. for free, get the best falafel in the state at Kasbah, and then party at one of our many bars filled with Logans.

If our immensely rich culture and history don’t interest you, well, I guess you could visit Bridgeport.


We have theaters and venues that vary in size:

I know that your other concern might be finding a guest for the show. You might think Connecticut’s comedy talent pool is limited…and you’re right. Basically we have one suggestion: Gilly-loving actress, comedian, and Hartford resident Carolyn Paine. But if she can’t do it, I’d be happy to fill in. I’m basically Rory, and I could totes bring my Lane… and we both have radio experience.

It seems a damn shame to let the entire series go by and never come visit the state that helped inspire it. Think of it this way: Even if you hate it here, you’re just a short train ride away from New York and/or Boston.


The Anti-Couric




Gator in the Connecticut River?

According to, a dead alligator was reported on the sunny shores of Suffield. The article is stingy with the details but apparently the wayward creature was reported on the banks of the Connecticut River. DEEP is looking into it, but for now I am just going to speculate wildly about the possibilities.

Of course there is the obvious explanation: some jerk with an illegal pet alligator and/or crocodile decided it was time to unload the beast. Fearing legal repercussions if he reached out to a rescue, he decided to just dump the thing in water that is way too cold for it, and the mindless killing machine quickly died. That’s boring, though.  (more…)

CT Senators Make Us Proud

I like where I live. Unlike so many others, I don’t complain much about Connecticut–even if I do make fun of it from time to time. But I’m especially proud to be from here this week. Our Democratic Representative Jim Himes kicked it off with a small but meaningful protest of the federal government’s inaction on gun control after yet another mass shooting. He said:

Silence – that is what we offer in America that supports many of the things we could do to slow the bloodbath – silence – not me, not anymore.

And then he refused to partake in the moment of silence in the House. The protest made news, but didn’t do too much to push the gun control agenda forward. Unless, of course, you consider what happened in the Senate a couple of days later an extension of that act.

On Wednesday, Senator Chris Murphy launched a not-technically-a-filibuster-filibuster and held the floor–along with some help from his sane (and mostly democratic) colleagues –including Dick Blumenthal–who peppered him with questions. He held the floor for about 14 hours, officially becoming our version of Hodor. #holdthefloor