I Finally Saw That Insane Castle in Woodstock

I headed out to Woodstock for Memorial Day weekend to hang out with some friends by a lake, drink some beverages, and force my dog into a canoe. What I didn’t expect was to see the most eccentric residence to be built in Connecticut since Gillette’s Castle. I’m talking about a $45 million castle on 75 acres and a man made lake that’s been for sale for quite a while now.

Understated, right? (more…)

A Literary Weekend in Connecticut: From David Sedaris to the Book Barn

From the first time you board a bus with your classmates and get paraded through the Mark Twain House for a field trip it is clear that we have an exceptionally literate state. Not quite as well-known but no less Connecticutian is Hartford’s own Wallace Stevens. Add the Noah Webster House to that line-up and we’ve got a book lover’s smorgasbord. But none of these guys figured very prominently in my literary weekend. Instead, I kicked it off with a trip to the Bushnell to see David Sedaris.

I’ve loved Sedaris ever since I first read his story about finding a giant turd in a friend’s bathroom during a cookout. I used to force my roommates and house guests to listen to me read “You Can’t Kill the Rooster”–which isn’t easy because I tend to laugh hysterically through it. Going to a Sedaris reading is pretty much exactly as funny and weird as you thought it to be. He read some new essays that I’ve never heard before, and some diary entries. One of those essays included the story of a fatty tumor that Sedaris had removed by a fan/shady doctor and then shipped to his sister so he could later feed it to a snapping turtle. That sentence is weird and funny enough, so just imagine hearing him tell the whole story.  (more…)

What To Do This Weekend: May 15-17

UConn Libraries MAGIC, Flickr Creative Commons

UConn Libraries MAGIC, Flickr Creative Commons

It’s planting time. It’s also tag sale time, and book sale time. In other words, we’ve got a lot on our plates this weekend. Here’s what you should do if you don’t have any ideas of your own.

Criminal Minds: New Britain

Today I saw this headline pop up in my Facebook feed: “Police sources: 7 bodies found behind New Britain shopping center“. You might think my initial reaction was horror, but instead, I just got confused.

“Isn’t this really old news?” I thought. So I clicked through to the article and realized that yeah, it kind of is old news…but is also breaking news. You see, three bodies were found behind this shopping center 8 years ago, and at the end of April police said they had found more bodies. Now they are confirming that it was four more bodies.

You, like me, are probably wondering what the 8-year time lapse is about. Did the police miss the other bodies on the first go round, or has someone been revisiting the site to bury more bodies over the past 8 years without police–or anyone else–ever noticing?  (more…)

What to Do This Weekend: May 8-10

By Miami U. Libraries – Digital Collections [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

It’s Mother’s Day so you’ll either be doing your duty as a child, being mildly disappointed as a mother, or just avoiding it altogether because you have an angsty relationship with your mother. So here are some things to do for Mother’s Day or in avoidance of it.

Connecticut Teen Spawns Poorly Written Guide to D-Baggery

Nutmeggers, we have a problem. Earlier today Jezebel printed something called Steps to Becoming a Douche Bag, a truly odious tome penned by a Connecticut high schooler back in 2010. Apparently this was some sort of freemium scheme, where he hoped that other losers would be so desperate for access to his wisdom that they would pay for more of it. The kid is in college now — we can only assume he attends Wesleyan, where he can put his (terrible) writing skills and lack of a moral compass to good use — so we’re guessing he didn’t become a millionaire off of this idea (mostly because he totally ripped it off from other creeps). He also, apparently, didn’t get kicked out of high school, which says a lot about the institution charged with educating this walking STD.

I’m not going to rehash the whole thing because it’s actually pretty boring and not very funny. If you’ve ever had the extreme displeasure of being exposed to any of Mystery’s pick-up artist techniques, you pretty much know what this kid has to say. But here are some of the dirtiest little turd nuggets from his guide to douchebaggery:

  • Sluts are always going to be talking to many other players so it is your job to make them want you, not show that you want them
  • Talk about how your looking for a good girl and when they ask you who likes you bring up one of there rivals [homophones are not this kid’s strong suit]
  • Make sure you have backup plans because when dealing with a [Perfect Medium] your going to need to play hard to get, so work your slut and goodie goodies while you progress on the PM


Connecticut, the Animals Are Coming For You

For a while now, I’ve been taking mental note of the many sightings of predatory animals that are, frankly, taking over the state. I am mostly talking about bobcats and bear–though mountain lions are, no doubt, plotting our demise as well.

This past winter, hardly a week passed without someone posting a video of bobcats–including one taken in the Olive Garden parking lot in Manchester.

I mean, if you aren’t safe from predatory cats at the mall, where can you be safe? Not in Granby, that’s for sure… (more…)

What to Do This Weekend: May 1-3

SPRING! From Flickr Creative Commons: Professor Bop

SPRING! From Flickr Creative Commons: Professor Bop

We are mentally preparing our gardens even though it’s not quite time. However, with the weather (finally) becoming more spring-like, it’s the perfect time to keep taking advantage of everything CT has to offer. So get off your duffs.