#NotAllHuskies (But I Want Some of that Mac-n-Cheese)

First, let’s get our biases out of the way: We are UConn graduates. In fact, a couple years ago the AP and I went to see a play at Jorgensen, and stopped by the student union for dinner. We were amazed by the building’s transformation, because it was basically a dark hole of despair when we were there. There was a video rental place (yeah, it was that long ago), a commuter student lounge, and a roof that encouraged me to pass through on rainy days. We can honestly say that something like this would not have happened when we were there, because the only food was Jonathan’s and it basically just piles of fried crap.


Nobody Puts Stonington in a Corner

There are a lot of movie references to be made about this story coming out of Stonington:

Stonington High School has instituted a new policy beginning with Saturday’s homecoming dance that prohibits ‘grinding and other forms of inappropriate dancing and touching.'”

I was always more of a Dirty Dancing girl than a Footloose girl, so we’re going to stick with the Baby Houseman/Johnny Castle-themed references. Actually, I’d rather watch that movie for the 3,000th time than think much more about anything going on in a high school gym in Stonington, so…

She carried a watermelon… It gets me every time. (more…)

Welcome Back, Wadsworth!

A very bad image of my favorite painting from the Wadsworth’s collection. It’s a Willem de Kooning. Go see it in person.

My title is slightly misleading. The Wadsworth Atheneum didn’t really go anywhere, however, it did have its grand re-opening last weekend. It was perfect timing because my boyfriend had been expressing his desire to go look at art. When I heard the Wadsworth would open its doors to the public for free, I practically dragged him down there. (It also happened to be Envisionfest, so we got to eat good food from the food trucks and check out stuff from local artists and crafts people — including some sweet sea-creature themed gear.)

The museum recently underwent a five year renovation which, according to the experts, is a masterpiece unto itself. Here’s just one of the glowing things The New York Times had to say about it: “The Atheneum has executed a transformation almost as profound as the Whitney’s without venturing beyond its footprint.”

I haven’t been to the Wadsworth since I was a kid, so I couldn’t really tell you what’s different. I’m a jerk. Admissions are free Wednesday – Friday from 4 – 5 pm, except on First Thursdays. And it’s only $10 for adult non-members the rest of the time. That is a steal! There is no reason not to go, like, now! (more…)

Beware the Bear: Advice for Not Getting Bitten by a Bear

I’ve been warning my fellow Connecticutioners that nature is coming for us all, but apparently one hiker missed the message. Last week a woman walking on a trail in Burlington encountered a bear. She didn’t run. She didn’t scream. She didn’t poke it in the eye. And she didn’t go all Timothy Treadwell and try to hug it. She did, however, take a video.

The bear is dead. You don’t get to nip a human calf and go on living. DEEP will toss him on that bear compost pile that had people fake outraged a few weeks back, and that will be the end. (more…)

The Glawackus Gets Its Due

Ever wonder what weird word is most closely associated with Connecticut? Well, there’s a map for that!


After talking to linguists and browsing message boards, the folks at Slate decided that the Nutmeg State’s weird word is “Glawackus” and we are ready to take credit for that. This blog has to be the source of at least 75% of the Glawackus references on the web.

Question: Does this win us the favor and benevolence of the blood thirsty beast that prowls the woods of Glastonbury?

What is Going on in Hartford’s West End? No Really, Please Tell Us

If you’re my aunt, you probably think every visit to Hartford amounts to taking your life in your hands. This is, of course, not remotely true (the recent rash of shootings not withstanding). Every time I go to Hartford, I’m participating in some sort of Yuppie festival or event where I am the most dangerous person around. (Don’t mess with the East Beat!) Hartford is changing. Don’t believe me? Look at these posts from the West End Living Facebook group (it’s a private group, so all us non-West Enders aren’t allowed to see what they’re up to), and telephone poles:



Front porch poetry slams and country bear jamoborees are not exactly what most people think about when they think about Hartford. And rightly so, because there are plenty of people living in Hartford with much harsher realities than this, but just think about what it would be like to live next door to the porch string band (which may or may not be any good)… Seriously, think about that for a moment… (more…)

Put Your Zip Code to the Test

You know we love maps and what they can tell us about ourselves. We have now found the ultimate in map-related personality tools. If you head over to Esri.com you can put in your zip code and find out a bunch of, probably accurate, stuff about yourself–or at least the majority of people in your neighborhood. For instance, if you live in Hartford’s West End your hood is made up of 25% “Social Security Set”, 22% “Set to Impress”, and 18% “Fresh Ambitions.” What does any of that mean? Have a look:

west end (more…)