What To Do This Weekend: March 27-29


Old Saybrook as seen by a.has — Flickr Creative Commons

I understand, sometimes it can be hard to figure out what’s going on around town, and  you just need some place you can trust to collect all the not lame ideas for weekend entertainment. The Anti-Couric will be heading to Old Saybrook for a relaxing staycation, and the Asian Persuasion will get thrown up on by a baby, but here’s what you can do:


So there you go. Stop your bitching that there’s nothing to do.


What To Do This Weekend: March 20-22

Flickr Creative Commons: ilirjan rrumbullaku

Flickr Creative Commons: ilirjan rrumbullaku

This is your official warning that there is no excuse to claim you don’t have anything to do this weekend:

It’s Official: Yard Goats It Is

Today, someone somewhere in Hartford announced the new name of the former Rock Cats. Because no one in a position of power in this state gives a flaming sack of turds what the citizens of the state say about anything, or ever thinks to farm these kinds of decisions out to locals, the new team will be called The Yard Goats.

You may remember that this was the only name from the initial list that we could stand. We were 112% in support the grass roots motion to start a write-in campaign for The Hartford Huckleberries. God forbid we end up with a team name (or city motto, or tourism campaign) that makes sense and resonates with anyone in the state. But we have to blame ourselves here… our suggestion that there be a goat chase during the 7th inning stretch was just too good to resist.

Hartford: The City That Actually Needs You

HuTDoG83-Flickr Creative Commons. There were lots of pretty Hartford pics to choose from.

HuTDoG83-Flickr Creative Commons. There were lots of pretty Hartford pics to choose from.

I’ve heard Colin McEnroe joke, on more than one occasion, that Hartford is “the city that actually needs you.” I believe he even suggested this as an alternative to the ridiculous “New England’s rising star” motto. He’s joking…but only sort of. I got to thinking about this after Jacques Lamarre–the guy who has helped fill the Mark Twain House and Museum with great activities such as The Mouth, and any number of interesting talks/shows/concerts–posted this Courant Op-Ed on Facebook with a hardy Amen! Jacques didn’t write the Op-Ed, Richard Sugarman did. He is the co-founder of The Connecticut Forum, another great organization in our midst.

I name all of these people because they are just a handful of the human beings that help make Hartford a better, more interesting place. These are people who recognize that by making your home here, pitching in to help, and bringing your own creative juices to the table, you can make a difference. If the Sugarmans had lived in New York City, do you think they would have/could have created something like the Connecticut Forum? No, they would have ended up a part of the noise instead of the signal. (more…)

Connecticut Rules! O’Doyle Druels?

I’ve searched and searched this BuzzFeed post for evidence that it is sponsored by the Connecticut Tourism Board or something, but as far as I can tell someone just up and wrote this out of the goodness of their heart.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.33.35 AM


I even managed to learn a few things from this post… (more…)

Dead Skunks Used in Pointless “Protest”

We all have people in our lives that are embarrassing. Racist grandparent. Conspiracy theorist cousins. Grown-ass siblings who still can’t do their own laundry. Ex-boyfriends. But I’m willing to bet most of us don’t have any relatives who ever used two dead skunks in the most incoherent, and odoriferous anti-Obama protest on record. But somewhere in Fairfield there is a family shaking it’s head at the guy behind this:

“Police responded to the report of a dead skunk that appeared to be nailed to a telephone pole.

Upon arrival, police found two dead skunks.

The first was found with heavy string wrapped around its neck and was nailed to the pole about four feet from the ground.

The second skunk was found at the base of the pole, under the first one.

Police said above the dead skunk on the pole was a laminated sign that said ‘Obama Stinks.’

The sign also included an American flag with a hammer and sickle, in the place of stars.”

Um, gross. The article is not very specific but it’s safe to say this sociopath killed the skunks, and one way or another, he had to touch and transport them.

Have you ever been up close and personal with a dead skunk? I had a couple of dogs who made it their personal mission to keep the neighborhood skunk free. When they die, they just let it all go. The stench is so bad it burns. I can only assume that carting two of them around with you is the equivalent of being tear gassed. Anyone willing to withstand that kind of torture to make this kind of ineffective political statement will only escalate.

So if one of your embarrassing relatives recently came home stinking like skunk, call the Fairfield Police Department at 203-254-4800 or Animal Control at 203-254-4857.

Make It Happen: The Hartford Huckleberries #gameover

If you haven’t heard that Hartford is stealing New Britain’s baseball team you’re clearly living under a rock…or not in Connecticut. Yes, a stadium is coming to the Hartbeat’s downtown, but what I hadn’t realized is that the team would need a new name. I figured they would just be the Hartford Rock Cats. That is apparently not the case because the city released a bunch of terrible f-ing names that we’re supposed to consider.

The Courant was nice enough to explain the seemingly non-sensical names. And Colin McEnroe helped us work through our fear and anxiety about these names–and gave us some better options. Here’s our take on this very important topic–and our call to action. (more…)

Thoughts on Trains from a Connecticut Commuter

Recently, I found myself driving by a new train station being built in West Hartford and found myself confused. Who was going to use this instead of just driving 5 minutes to Hartford? Shortly there after I remembered the New Haven-Springfield commuter line coming to a train station near you in 2016 and realized this would be different than the lumbering Amtrak trains that run through Hartford’s Union Station. Then the CT Mirror reported that Amtrak was thinking about a high-speed Boston-New York train that would skip any stops in Connecticut. With all these trains in the news, I thought it was a good time to share my experience as a train commuter.

Like many Connecticutians I have, at one time or another, taken a train on a regular basis. For about a year I commuted from Norwalk to Manhattan to work. I’d drag myself out of bed, park a couple of blocks from the East Norwalk train station (because getting a pass for the parking lot was expensive and virtually impossible) and walk to the station. I would usually start reading with my earbuds in, and then nod off somewhere during the hour long trip. Back then there were still the old trains on the New Haven line, and the swaying rocked me right to sleep. I’d start to wake up as we entered the tunnels that lead under the city and into Grand Central. Then I would get off the train, navigate the underground walkways, and emerge somewhere in mid-town before walking over to my office on 53rd street.  (more…)