The Glawackus Will Git Ya

One of my favorite CT critters is the Glawackus, and by “favorite” I mean “most deeply feared.” I’ve written about this fearsome creature before, and normally, I would tell my readers that the Glawackus was probably just a Fisher, a rare sight in Connecticut during the first half of the 20th century. But since it is October, and therefore a good time to scare people, I would like to warn residents of Hartford County about this creature.

This is your average, run-of-the-mill fisher. They are vicious little creatures that are known to kill and eat porcupines and have been moving back into parts of CT in recent years.

This is your average, run-of-the-mill fisher. They are vicious little creatures that are known to kill and eat porcupines and have been moving back into parts of CT in recent years.

The Glawackus will eat your cats, chicken, and babies if you are not vigilant. Feel free to dismiss me but Glawackus fever swept Glastonbury back in 1939 when hunters, farmers, and other people prone to wandering by themselves in or near the woods started spotting a cat-like creature with a long tail, and of a dark color. You’d think these experienced woodsmen would be able to tell you what they were seeing but instead they reported some unknown beast.

Theories were plentiful as merchants rushed to cash in on the Glawackus craze, urging people to buy all their Glawackus hunting gear and so forth. Some people thought an escaped mountain lion from Vermont could be the culprit, but unless all the people who claimed to have seen it were color-blind or retarded, I doubt that was the case. Then some genius killed a big bobcat and declared the Glawackus dead.

Bobcats, while pretty freakin awesome and known to roam CT, dont exactly fit the description of the fearsome Glawackus.

Bobcats, while pretty freakin' awesome and known to roam CT, don't exactly fit the description of the fearsome Glawackus.

That was stupid, as bobcats, by definition have bobbed tails unlike the Glawackus which was said to have a long, rather luxurious tail. Though some people seemed to disagree on the exact color of the Glawackus (the discrepency seems to have come from variations caused by sunlight and the time of day) it’s safe to say no one ever described it as being spotted, like…say… a bobcat. (I found this while looking for a bobcat picture – please write to these people and tell them that they’re douchebags. I think we can conclude CT is way better than Michigan–at least we eat the deer we hunt.)

So, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Glawackus or it’s offspring are still out there, stalking the small livestock, pets, and children of the Connecticut River Valley and possibly beyond.

Lest you accuse me of making this up here is what Wikipedia has to say:

Sightings Of The Creature

Memories of cryptozoologist, from the Cape Codder:

I was working as a young reporter on the Hartford Courant that year when World War II was in the wings. But we were preoccupied with the developing story about this Glastonbury creature that howled at night, slipped in and out of view and caused dogs, cats and small farm animals to disappear. As the sightings grew in number, so did the variety of descriptions. First it was a huge cat. Then some people reported what looked like a dog in back and a cat in front. Others saw it vice-versa. One man called to say he had seen a big animal in the pitch dark with eyes that glowed like embers. It was clear to us that this weird, unknown animal needed a name. One editor coined the word, Glawackus. “Gla” for Glastonbury; “wack” for wacky; and “us” as a proper Latin ending. It caught on like magic.

Lowell Thomas, a popular nationwide radio network commentator, reported the Glawackus had been named by a “Connecticut scientist.”

A safari was organized with two Ozark-trained hounds. The search came back empty-handed.

Might this be a rendering of the fabled Glawackus? We may never know.

Might this be a rendering of the fabled Glawackus? We may never know.

I may never be able to prove the existence of the Glawackus or that the hideous corpse that washed up in New London is a Plum Island freak, but you, my loyal readers, may be able to help! Have you been wandering the woods of Hebron, Marlborough, Glastonbury or beyond and run into a creature fitting the description of the Glawackus? Let us know!

For until we have pinpointed exactly what this beast is, the backyard chickens, small dogs in sweaters, fat cats, and little, annoying children of CT will not be safe!



  1. I haven’t seen any Glawakus…or fisher cats recently, but last night I pulled in my driveway in West Hartford and there was a raccoon the roughly comparable to a medium sized dog, or what one may describe as a “mighty big f-ing raccoon!”.

    I’m not sure why this raccoon was hanging out in my driveway. A) because nothing very eventful ever happens there, and B) because our trash is equally unexciting and sealed up pretty well. So, unless the guy was attempting to comit suicide by car…i got nothing.

    Notable to me was the fact that we’re a stones throw from Park Road in WH, a pretty heavy traffic area. This raccoon was pretty big which says to me that he’s been hanging around for quite awhile. I mean, usually the only time I see animals that sized is in New Hampshire or other parts north where there aren’t as many cars, i.e. life expectancy is a little greater. The only comforting point seems to be that it was well into nighttime, so as not to note the presence of rabies, but even still….it scared the crap out of me.


  2. I have a raccoon named Paul who hangs out on my stairs sometimes and a big ass skunk who hangs out near the bottom of my stairs. It’s dangerous coming home at night to my place. You never know what kind of vermin will attack you.


  3. 1978 Hanging out with a buddy working midnights security patrol of gated community near Burr Pond. Do not recall exact month hut there was snow on the ground. 1:30 during patrol large mountain lion sized cat crosses trail in front of us. Front half tan like mountaing lion back half stripped like australian thylacine. Face cat like very large oversized eyes closest animal that looks like it would be a saber tooth without the large fangs. Never have seen any animal mentioned that even comes close to this animal but it was out there near the woods. Both of us saw it and we could not identify it.We hunted and fished a lot and could identify most any animal found in the ct woods. No idea what is was but it was there it was strange and it was real.


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