Cosmic Omelet’s Out of Body Experience

Right around the corner from where I live is one of my favorite breakfast places– Cosmic Omelet on Hartford Road in Manchester. It’s not the prettiest place in the world, but it’s friendly and local and the food is delicious.

They have all your regular breakfast food, as well as a list of omelets that will blow your mind. Some are incredibly appealing, like my favorite, The Fiesta Omelet – sausage, onions, peppers and cheddar cheese, served with salsa (I actually replace the cheddar with cream cheese). Others are a little more “creative” than I’m willing to try, like Leo’s Death Dog Omelet – hot dog, bacon, onions, BBQ sauce and American cheese. I mean, I love hot dogs, just not in my omelet.

Owned and run by a pretty young, fun crowd, the place is always upbeat and efficient and the service is always good. On a weekend, you might have to wait, so be sure to write your name on the board in the entry way and take a seat with a Hartford Advocate. Your breakfast mates will be anything from hungover 20-somethings to after-churchers. During the week, the crowd is a little more local, with a lot of blue collar workers who are unquestionably regulars. (I went there by myself this morning to get some work done and, well, they were very “friendly” and if I ever need a man, I know where to find him).

Be sure to get the hash browns because they are delicious. Cosmic Omelet gets three salt shakers because my belly’s really happy right now.



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  1. one note that i noticed today: i didn’t notice a whole lot of recycling going on–there were perfectly recyclable containers going into the trash with food scraps, etc. that may be the biggest downside…


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