“Swingin’ Good Time” Leads to Arrests

(Jim Michaud/Journal Inquirer)

A bunch of  middle-aged men got arrested in connection with a “swingers” party at Club 91 at the Beverly Hills Suites in Windsor Locks, where people were said to not only have smoked inside a public building, but engaged in sex acts, and were nude.


It’s gross enough to think that any self-respecting person would engage in a sex act at that hotel, behind closed doors, on a bed with–hopefully–clean sheets. But to do the nasty in the public areas of the hotel…that looks more like a bank is just downright foul. I’m going to go pray, or shower, or something, so here’s the details, courtesy of the JI:

Arrested were Nicholas Maulucci, 40, of Simsbury, who police say was the organizer and promoter of the swingers events; Sharok Jacobi, 46, of Great Neck, N.Y., the owner and manager of the Beverly Hills Suites; and Brian True, 42, of Granby, the permittee of the hotel’s bar, Club 91, police said…

The hotel ownership and permittee of its bar, Club 91, allowed the groups to collect admission fees and to close the doors of the bar to the public, when they chose to do so, the affidavit said.

A Liquor Control Division agent also received e-mails from a tipster that contained photographs of women engaged in sex acts, and according to the sender of the e-mails, the photos were taken in Club 91 and the hotel lobby, the affidavit stated.

*9/19/09* It’s been a long time since this shit went down, and according to The Advocate most of the charges got dropped, or reduced or whatever. We’re glad to see things seem to have worked out for everyone, and wish the swingers the best, but won’t be stopping by to eat dinner at Club 91 anytime soon.



  1. The writter on this article seems to think that it is not OK for consenting adults to have a open marrige or enjoy themselves sexualy like they would like. These sort of people are the same people that think deep down inside and say “Darn it, I wish I was there to enjoy” I bet they never know that there are police officers, judges, attorneys, and many other profesionals that enjoy this sort of lifestyle, Yes, even NEWS REPORTERS. With the economy the way it is. Don’t we have better news to report on, like corupt politicians putting a senate seat on EBAY to the highest bidder, or how the jobless rate is at it’s highest levels in over 27 years? These people where consenting adults, so why bother people for doing what they like behind closed doors.

    I bet the writter of this article states his disapproval on such behavior but has paid for sex in his life because no one wanted to give such a closed mind person, the time of day.


  2. im sure that the writer of this article problably didnt look good enough to get into the party thats why he is so upset lol. there is alot more important things to write about than “consenting adults” having fun with other “consenting adults”.


  3. im just mad that i didnt know about these parties i live in this boring town with nothing to do, i sure hope they start them up again soon . and yes i look good!


  4. i sure hope these 3 men call me when this is all over with because they have one hell of a case against the police department and these newspapers if they get found not guilty. so email me guys when its over.


  5. i don’t think there’s any disapproval of sex itself here–but look at the place and think if you’d like your bits and pieces exposed to the nastiness that may reside there.

    i just hope everyone kept it wrapped.

    if we’re going to start criticizing people’s “looks” here (MIKE), did you ever think that perhaps the reason these people were hosting sex parties is that THEY don’t look good enough to get laid the way normal people do?


  6. 1) I’m guessing most of the commenters can’t read because as the Asian Persuasion so kindly pointed out, no one cares what consenting adults do behind closed doors…however, they were alleged to not be doing them behind closed doors. Doing them in public places where other people come to eat and drink is gross, unsanitary, and apparently illegal. You wouldn’t want strangers rubbing their naughty bits on your kitchen counter–without telling you– so that you then go and eat off it without knowing what kind of heinous human juices are on it.

    2) It does seem a bit odd that the organizers and not the people actually committing the indecent public acts are the ones who got arrested, so they may, in fact, get acquitted…and next time they’ll make sure the people attending their parties go back to their rooms to get their freak on, instead of doing it in the hotel lobby.

    3) Last time I checked, newspapers reporting on police activity, including arrests, was not in fact illegal. I think the JI knows that too. They did not make up the fact that these men were arrested…that’s fact. They have not been convicted, and are innocent until proven guilty, but simply reporting on an arrest is hardly illegal.


  7. i actually find it very telling–that they will not identify themselves because they feel some “shame” or “deviance” about their supposed lifestyle. or maybe they aren’t really swingers?

    i’m pretty sure that “lawyer” isn’t really a lawyer, or is an ambulance chaser that went to a tier 4 law school. as most people know, arrest records are public record unless part of deal–and these men aren’t far along enough in the judicial process for that to be an option yet.


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