Like He Cares

In completely impotent political gestures news, the Windsor democrats–who apparently don’t have much to do– have censured Senator Joe Lieberman.


We here at The CuT are certainly no fans of turncoat Joe, who continues to caucus with democrats despite not having been elected as the democratic candidate in the primary, and having practically whored himself on the campaign trail for John McCain, doing everything by declaring Barack Obama a former nazi, and active serial killer. Still, we can’t help but feel the democrats in Windsor must have something better to do.

“Most of the town committee felt we needed to say something officially to Joe Lieberman and make it clear we did not support or appreciate his words and actions,” Town Chairman Leo Canty said. “He was wrong in what he did and censure may not be a big price to pay, but our voice needed to be heard.”

I am Democrat, hear me roar?