Doninger Gets the Shaft

Burlington student Avery Doninger sued her school for a bevy of things after they punished her for writing a blog post that criticized the school official’s choice to not hold a popular school event.

U.S. District Court Judge Mark Kravitz rejected Avery Doninger’s claim that administrators at Lewis B. Mills High School violated her rights of free speech and equal protection.

She had also alleged they inflicted emotional distress when they barred her from serving as class secretary because of the 2007 posting, which criticized the administrators for canceling a popular school activity.

Baically, the judge said that off-campus speech can become on-campus speech when a student can send hundreds of emails, or post a blog with the click of a mouse.

Sounds like crap to me. We’re with you Avery! Next time you start a blog, do it “Gossip Girl” style, then you can say pretty much whatever you want… I should know.