Ambassador of India Could Start a War…

…With me.

I’ve long heard that it’s supposed to  be one of the better Indian restaurants around the Hartford area, but I beg to differ. My previous experiences there haven’t been bad, per se, but they’ve been far from stellar. My last visit was…a battle.

First, there was only one frazzled waiter for the entire restaurant. Granted, there were only six tables, but he was also the one making the drinks, opening the wine, bussing etc. He was IT. So the poor service wasn’t his fault, but somewhere along the lines, it was poor planning. He was in such a hurry that every time he filled our water glasses, he would slosh onto the table so by the end it was like eating in a puddle.

I asked for my Paneer Makhani medium hot–you know, a little zing but not painful. The boyfriend, on the other hand, asked for his Chicken Vindaloo really spicy. Somehow, the message must have been mixed up because his dish was as mild as baby food and mine could have taken eight layers of paint off. At least that’s what my mouth felt like! I’m not a huge wimp when it comes to spiciness, but I was starting to sweat halfway through the second bite.

I tried to suffer through a few more bites, because I didn’t want to be that pain in the ass sending food back–especially with the waiter in such a state! But, I was hungry and my mouth was on fire and I was out of water (I could have sucked it up off the table but I decided against it). So, risking the saliva that might come back to me in a new dish, I did send it back.

It didn’t take too long for the new dish to come back–a little milder, thank God. However, the damage had been done. My mouth had been stripped of some protective layer of skin or something. For some reason, the paneer tasted a little funny. Sweeter, like dish soap. However, that could have just been the effect of my damaged taste buds.

To boot, I forgot my leftovers (I left them in the puddle on the table)…but that, that is entirely my fault. One salt shaker, because spicy does not equate to salty.



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