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Since I live in the only God-forsaken stretch of state that’s actually getting any real snow this evening, I’m sitting here watching NBC 30’s news. I’m kind of glad I did because now I can give a shout out to Melissa Marinan who was losing her job when the Journal Register Imprint of news papers decided to close its weeklies – including many in Farmington Valley.

Her father, Stephen Friedman, was there. She told him she wished they could start a paper in the area themselves. He said, “Well, why don’t we?”

That is what it took to start working on a plan to fill the void when the Avon Post, Farmington Post, Simsbury Post and Tri-Town Post closed.

Now she’s the publisher of The Valley Press. Now that’s chutzpah for you — starting a business (especially a newspaper) in this economy! But I have to say, when local papers do it right, they can be goldmines! So Melissa, if you need any help give me a call – I’m all about local news! I promise, I’m more qualified than this website would suggest!


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