Zombies Invade Woodbury

Woodbury to be invaded by walking dead.

Woodbury to be invaded by walking dead.

No, I’m not talking about the masses of uninspired suburbanites…I’m talking about an actual zombie…Rob Zombie that is.

Yes, the Rob Zombie. The one responsible for scaring the shit out of you through most of high school, and making it impossible for you to sleep without a nightlight until you were 26.

The stately white Colonial perched on a knoll above the Pomperaug River behind Woodbury’s antiques row has a rather unlikely new owner.

Rob Zombie, 44, founder of rock band White Zombie, solo artist, and director of the films “House of 1,000 Corpses,” “The Devil’s Rejects,” and a 2007 remake of “Halloween,” is the new owner of the home and 19.3 adjoining acres on Sycamore Road, just beyond the historic Hollow district and Main Street South.

Rob Zombie, Woodburys newest resident.

Rob Zombie, Woodbury's newest resident.

So, if you’ve found yourself longing for a CT celebrity to stalk since Martha left Westport and Paul Newman (RIP) died, I’ve just given you all the information you could possibly need to find one creepy celebrity in a sleepy town. Just look for the guy with ghostly blue skin, dirty hair, and carvings in his forehead.



  1. I’m right down the road in Southbury, stoked to find this out 🙂 Adds some spice to the neighborhood, hehe.


  2. Finally, Woodbury has some cred, ha. I grew up there; it’s quite nice. Translyvania Pond would have some good backdrops… or the airport on the top of the Crossroads where Roxbury and Woodbury meet. Nice stretch of corn fields… looks amazing in a Lightning Storm.



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