I Want My Obama-TV

For a long time I’ve thought our generation would be asked, “Where were you on 9/11?” the way our parents or grandparents ask the same about JFK’s assassination. But today, I’ve decided that rather than recounting where we were on that morning, we may be asked where we were on this morning, when Barack Obama was inaugurated as the President of the United States of America?

I was here, in my office, impatiently grunting my way through a conference call — which included several Brits who were very excited about the whole inauguration thing — for most of the morning. By 11:30 I was impatient and opened the CNN streaming video on my computer and stopped paying attention to the call…at all. (Don’t worry, we got emails from HR yesterday saying it was OK to use our computers for this…shortly after my co-worker and I had already devised our plan to watch come Hell or high water.)

As the Obamas and Bidens started walking out to greet the crowd I was just about ready to tell everyone on the call to piss off! Then the Brits ushered us off, saying we had a big exciting day ahead of us, and I hung up the phone before they could all say “Cheerio!”

Alas, people around the world were crowding CNN’s live stream of the coverage, and when I went to other sites, only to return to CNN they told me I was now “in line.” WTF? Luckily, my coworker still had her CNN window open, so I told her to be sure not to close it as I looked for coverage that did not stop to buffer the video every 90 seconds. In the end though, we all sat around in her cubicle, watching the swearing in, the speech, our local poet, and more. My boss even cried a little. (If I was at home I would have, but I try not to cry in public because I’m a blubberer.)