What the Inauguration Means to Ring: 1-20-09 Stickers Irrelevant

January 20, 2009. Finally the day has come where the very vocal W haters can take those 1-20-09 bumper stickers off their car!

It also means the doubters of the now President Obama will sarcastically start saying, “Here comes the change!” The thing most of them will probably not realize is that some of “the change” has already happened. The view other countries around the world, friendly and not so friendly, have of the US has been changed. They know they have someone in the White House that they can respect and who actually understands the issues going on. I’d say that’s a change.

President Obama has been trying to level off the uber-high expectations that are on him by saying how it’s going to be a long road, it won’t be easy, and we the people need to take responsibility. 2009 will, by most accounts, be a rough year economically. But that does not mean the idea of hope and a return to prosperity are out of the question. If this country fails to get back on its feet, it won’t be because of a lack of competent leadership in the White House.

Obama is a more than a president. He’s a symbol that this is not just a country; it’s also an idea that through hard work, great things can be achieved. Good luck Mr. President! You’ll need some…



  1. I’m definitely no fan of W, but why the need to display that on your car? You should be proud of your car, not muck it up with horrible looking bumper stickers…


  2. I dislike bumper stickers…I haven’t had one since…college I guess, and even then it was just one of those window stickers with my school’s name on it. I mean, what if someday you want to sell your car and all over the bumper are political statements and notices to the world that your kid is an honor student???


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