It Takes a Thief

Sometimes, after watching that show “It Takes a Thief” I briefly consider a life of crime, because apparently, people with a lot of valuable shit just leave their windows and doors wide open. I guess I’m not the only one:

Police this morning arrested the suspected leader of a burglary ring that netted thousands of dollars of stolen jewelry and other items in a rash of “pillowcase” burglaries in greater Hartford.

I don’t really know what a “pillowcase” burglary is but for some reason I can’t get the vision of the Wet Bandits — you know, the guys from Home Alone — out of my head. Anyway, as usual The Courant confused me with its story. even though it says that cops arrested Jorge Alamo, 43, of Hartford, after chasing him it says this:

The case began in early December when police discovered several stolen pieces of jewelry in the car of Maribel Marrero after she made an alleged heroin transaction. Detectives searched a storage unit registered to Marrero and discovered a large cache of stolen rings, necklaces, watches, heirlooms and a host of other valuable items.

Doesn’t really say if Marrero is Jorge’s girlfriend who got given a bunch of stolen goodies, or a fellow thief. In essence, the article doens’t say how the two are connected — so I’m going to assume they exactly like The Wet Bandits.