Run for the Litchfield Hills: It’s the Pandemic Flu

Has anyone else seen the Rellster’s pandemic flu commercial?

Were you as baffled by it as I was?

Did you wonder how much money gets spent on “Pandemic Flu Preparedness” in this time of great financial turmoil?

Here’s my proposal:

The CuT will become responsible for educating the public on “Pandemic Flu Preparedness,” the state will give us like $5k and we’ll call it even. According to the state’s website you should wash your hands, and be in good health in order to avoid getting the flu. In the case that you do end up with a flu that is threatning to wipe out earth’s population, you should:

  1. Have a “cash stash” (kinda sounds like some a stripped keeps in her bra)
  2. Have two-week supply of food and water on hand at all times
  3. Have a family communications plan (I guess this means teach your dad how to text message in case you need to quarantine him in the basement)

There…job done! Money please…

Oh no, I hear Eileen coughing on the other side of the cube wall… RUN FOR THE CASH STASH, KIDS!