Theaterworks Turns Art Gallery

Some of the art seen at Theaterworks new Art Gallery lobby

Some of the art seen in Theaterworks' new Art Gallery lobby.

Back in December, it was announced that the lobby of Theaterworks was going to become home to a satellite branch of the New Britain Museum of American Art. Friday night was “the big reveal” of the new space. Let me be honest…I had no idea this was happening until some of the girls from the office asked if I wanted to go and get a glass of free wine from Bin 228. Umm…free wine? Yeah, duh.  So off we went to the newly dubbed “City Arts” (which funnily enough, also houses an Army recruiting office) to see what was going on.

It was pretty packed with people of all ages and walks of life–the old “blue hairs” of the theater talking about Titus Andronicus and hipsters with multiple piercings and “I’m such an artist” clothing. The small  “food and beverage area” was showing Pulp Art: The Robert Lesser Collection which featured front covers of comic books from the turn of the century to the 1950s like “Spicy Mystery” (don’t ask me…). All of the pieces were the larger works framed with an original of the comic book. This begged the question, which came first–the chicken or the egg? Still haven’t figured that one out. The covers were pretty funky and a lot of them featured scantily clad women–and gave us great Halloween costume ideas. I guess the show had recently been at the  Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Outside, in the actual lobby area, the pieces were more modern art–paint flung across canvases, mica mixed with the paint, and a series of pieces made from dyed pieces of cheese cloth. The lobby was incredibly “pretty” — complete with a little water fountain. We thought that maybe the exhibit continued upstairs so we ventured up. While they had renovated the downstairs, the upstairs clearly hadn’t been touched since 1942 which made us feel better about our own office building.

The exhibits will change with Theaterworks’ shows–five times a season, so be sure to check it out! Although there probably won’t be the same free wine deal by the time you show up, BIn 228 is right across the street, so if you get bored by art you can go get a few drinks.