Fairfield Streets Are Paved With Wing Sauce

photo by Brian A. Pounds, CT Post

photo by Brian A. Pounds, CT Post

Sunday night I met my family for dinner at Archie Moore’s in Fairfield. I should have treasured the buffalo chicken wrap I ordered, because as of Monday afternoon their famous buffalo sauce is in short supply. On Monday, some genius accidentally spilled four giant barrels of sauce as he was unloading them from a truck, sending more than 200 gallons onto the street outside.

I guess Connecticut Homeland Security policies must have a clause for dealing with wing sauce, because firefighters and the state HazMat team were deployed to the scene. HazMat? I’m an avid Archie’s wing fan. Should I be worried that they needed a HazMat team to clean this up? I eat this stuff on a semi-regular basis.

According to the Connecticut Post, the street in front of Archie’s was closed for several hours, because grease in the sauce and cold weather made cleanup difficult. For those of you not familiar with the location, it is in downtown Fairfield, down the street from the train station, and next to the high-brow Fairfield Theatre company and trendy, posh restaurants like Saint Tropez and O Bar. I bet they didn’t think a river of wing sauce was very funny, but I certainly do.

It wasn’t just wing sauce that spilled over. Tempers did too. Apparently some employees of Saint Tropez got into it with the truck driver because their cars got a wing sauce tsunami in the parking lot. How do you file that car insurance claim?

I feel bad for Archie’s. Super Bowl Sunday is probably their largest wing-sales day all year. I’m sure they are freaking out at the possibility of no wings for sale on Sunday. The other locations will probably have to chip in and share their sauce, which could make for a shortage at all locations. I can deal with a bad economy and rising fuel prices, but no Archie’s wings? That would be a disaster.


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  1. As one of the owners of Archie’s I thank you for nice comments. Fear not, more sauce is on the way. Our formula is a guarded secret. We have it made for us exclusively in upstate New York. It is our exclusive formula. It would be very hard for us to produce all the sauce we need,to supply all 5 locations, so we have it made and deleviered. what would a Super Bowl party with out archie’s wings. Thanks for your support.


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