Super Bowl Sunday: Rollin’ wit’ PrissyBitch

projectorThe PrissyBitch was kind enough to invite me over for Super Bowl Sunday. As she is the queen of appetizers, and promised I wouldn’t actually have to watch the game, this seemed like as good a place as any to watch a game I don’t normally care about. What made it a spectacular place to watch the game was that Mr. PrissyBitch recently wrangled them a large projector, and therefore we watched the game on their living room wall.

I usually detest football for the following reasons:

1)The game stops every 25 seconds

2)I can’t see where the ball is

Watching the game on a wall somehow alleviates these problems. Between the fancy cameras that allow you to see every ass-tickle, and the novelty of simply watching anything on a wall — even the  Puppy Bowl is better when the puppies at life-size — it didn’t seem so bad. As I’m sure you noticed, the commericals were pretty lame and except for Budweiser and job posting sites, no one seemed to go out of their way to put on a decent show (which says very sad things about our jobless, drunken workforce). Though I did enjoy the Clydesdale commercials–especally the circus and immigrant story ones– the lack of between-play entertainment also forced me to pay more attention to what was actually happening in the game — which Mr. PrissyBitch patiently explained to us ladies.

But here’s the real question of the night: who is the hottest guy on the field? Kurt Warner is one handsome looking Jesus Freak. But that Whisenhunt Cardinals coach wasn’t too shabby himself. Neither was the young Omar Epps-look-alike coach of the Steelers (and he’s probably a lot more wealthy today than he was yesterday so he gets extra points). But then there was Springsteen — and technically he was on the field. I don’t know what kind of crazy Matrix-Tai Chi that 90-year-old hearthrob has been practicing, but I have to vote for him as hottest guy on the field. That back breaking move he whipped out at the beginning of his performance amazed me more than any 100-yard touchdown! If I can bend my knees at all hwen I’m his age, I’d be happy, and given a few more yars I doubt any of the guys playing in last night’s game will even have knees left!

Go Bruce!



  1. Funny. We actually looked up how old Springsteen is while we were watching because he was just way too limber with all of his crazy moves. 69, will be 70 next September. Amazing.


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