Perez Watch: I Hear “Parking” and I Lose It

If you know me, you know one of my pet peeves is parking in Hartford. Mainly, I hate that the city makes it so you have no chocie buy to park in garage and pay big bucks. Frankly, Hartford, I’d rather spend my $8 on drinks than parking in a city I barely want to visit in the first place.

Picture this, you go downtown for a friend’s birthday and you end up driving around for 25 minutes, passing one hooded parking meter after another. It’s not winter. There is no snow on the street. These parking meters are hooded for what seems like no reason at all and have been for the past several years as far as you can tell. Normally, you might park over on that practically abandoned side street near thetrain station, because you’d rather save $8 than worry about your physical safety, but tonight it’s just too cool and too far away from the bar you’re frequenting. So finally you break down, park in a garage, and end up having to be dropped off by a friend, and walked up the several creepy levels to where your car is parked by yet another friend. All this could have been avoided if any of the dozens of hooded parking meters you saw on your way had been useable.

So, I had a small stroke when I read this:

Perez Affidavit Focuses On Parking Deal

To be fair, this doesn’t actually seem to have to do with my particular hatred of Hartford’s parking situation. In fact, it’s way more boring than that; not a hooker or a hot tub to be found.

Statements to investigators by a top aide to Hartford Mayor Eddie A. Perez have raised questions about the mayor’s assertion that he was unaware of the parking authority’s interest in a downtown lot turned over to a North End politician in 2006.

Blah. blah, blah people! What are you going to do about the fact that every time I try to park in Hartford I get agitated to the point of a near breakdown — and now that the Goodwin is closed, I imagine it’ll only get worse. I have a bad ticker people,  this can’t be good for me.



  1. Re: the hooded meters, any chance they were blue hoods? Because those aren’t no parking hoods, they’re to remind you that the city is transitioning to the pay station machines instead of meters. They’ve been up around downtown on and off for a few months.


  2. Hmmm…that is a wonderful question. I don’t recall the color, but there were entire sides of streets where no one was parked, so if they were blue I’m gonna go out on a limb and say most of us did not understand the color-coding system. I will remember this the next time I’m there, though, for sure.


  3. it was probably the blue hoods. they convinced me they were not park-at-able when i first started working downtown again. in fact, i hiked myself into a garage and paid $5 just to drop off my offer letter because i didn’t know those were available. it was when i walked out of the damn garage that i noticed it. boy, was i pissed.


  4. Yeah, when the blue hoods first went up, a lot of people thought they couldn’t park at those meters any more. Not all of them were labeled, and I think a bunch of them just have arrows to point you to the pay station, so if you’re driving at night you wouldn’t have been able to see that.

    They could very well have been no parking hoods, though. Every once in awhile the city seems to mark entire blocks no parking for no apparent reason.


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