UCONN’s Local Football Recruits: Not a Whole Lot of ‘em

Insane college football fans across America are celebrating the biggest day of the non-playing year. The very anticipated (and often over hyped) National Signing Day has arrived and it’s causing fans from Eugene, Oregon to South Beach, Florida to rejoice with a sense of new hope that maybe this is the recruiting class that will allow their team to beat [insert rival] to a bloody pulp.

So what’s up with CT’s signature university and its recruiting class? Not surprisingly, it doesn’t exactly match up to the level of LSU or Southern California, where five star players flock like strippers to a U. of Colorado recruiting trip. Scoring  a top 50 spot for a recruiting class would be a nice success for UCONN.

But there were a few state-born recruits that will hopefully make their mark on UCONN football for the next few years:

  1. Mike Osiecki was a linebacker and fullback for Seymour. At UCONN he’ll be playing linebacker. Seymour has been one of the top teams in the state for the past decade or so, so he’s got a nice background coming from a good team. The angles he takes while making tackles keeps takes him in most plays and has a great nose for the ball. His success at fullback was mainly due to him being a beast, so his skills will best be used on defense where his game is more refined.
  2. Marcus Aiken was a running back/wide receiver for St. Paul in Bristol. Probably considered too slight to play running back for a Division I team, he’ll be playing WR for the Huskies. His greatest attribute is his speed, which he will need trying to run past those West Virginia players. Those boys are crazy. While playing at St. Paul he mostly played RB in a spread offense, running a lot of tosses, so we’ll see how he adjusts to the shift in position.
  3. Trevardo Williams will be playing defensive end for UCONN. He’s listed as a graduate of Canterbury, a prep school, thus I don’t know a whole heck of a lot about him. The Courant lists him at 6-3, 210lbs, so he’ll need a year or two of bulking up because DE’s haven’t played at that weight since the 1970s.

That’s all the in-state talent UCONN scooped up this year. The crown jewel of the class is probably a four-star receiver they landed from Florida. Yes, I’m shocked they could get a four-star kid from the Sunshine State to come up here, too. (Seriously, it’s snowed for the past week in Hartford. What’s he thinking?) But UCONN will need all the help they can get with their new pass-happy offense next year.

There are a few other local boys going to out of state colleges: Mark Harrison (Bunnell) is going to Rutgers; Andre Lawrence (Hartford Public) is going to Boston College; Mitchell Davis (Windsor) and Marcus Dixon (Stamford) are going to Army; Anthony Schiavone (New London) is going to Iowa; Jordan Reed (New London) is going to Florida; and Jake Golic (Northwest Catholic) is going to – – surprise, surprise – – Notre Dame. Good luck to most of them!

(I’m sure there are a few other state players but I haven’t sifted through all the college commitments just yet, and since I get paid to do my day job but not to write for this stinking blog, you’ll have to forgive me.)