How much does Blumenthal get paid?

I know M. Jodi is looking for places to cut the state’s budget, so I’m wondering just how much Attorney General Dick Blumenthal makes, because if this article is representative of what he does with his day, I’m guessing he’s way overpaid:

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has announced he is investigating Ticketmaster and its secondary-market subsidiary, TicketsNow, after receiving complaints from Connecticut residents who tried unsuccessfully to buy tickets at face value earlier this week to see Bruce Springsteen perform in New Jersey.

Seriously? Did these motards think they were going to magically score New Jersey Boss tickets without shelling out a large portion of their life savings?



  1. You know what, good for him!! I’ve been against this whole scam of reselling tickets at inflated prices for years. I really don’t see how it should be legal to resell a ticket that has a specific value, which is listed on the ticket, for WAY more. To those that make a living doing that, get a real job. Maybe you can get into telemarketing or something…that has more dignity.


  2. That investigation is a waste of time and taxpayer money. Springsteen and his people were pissed and published an angry letter about it, got press on it, and Ticketmaster has already agreed to reimburse the inflated price for people who were redirected to the TicketsNow site and stop the redirection to the TicketsNow website. There’s nothing for the AG to gain on this for CT citizens. All it gets is publicity for him. After his “investigation,” I bet he issues a press release stating that Ticketmaster is refunding the inflated price and won’t redirect people any more, and will claim that his office got that done. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


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