Plan B (no not that one…)

It was my best friend who pointed out that the burger place was named after that form oral contraceptive that sends right-wing baby-lovers into a tizzy. As far as I know, Plan B (the restaurant) dos nothing to prevent the conception of a fetus. But believe me, you’ll leave here feeling so full that you won’t want to do the nasty for at least 12 hours, so it is a kind of birth control, I guess

I’ve been to both the West Hartford and Glastonbury locations and I will say the consistency is good. Both tend to be pretty busy but the Glastonbury location is big enough to handle it, while in West Hartford you’ll spend a good amount of time crammed in waiting for a table maneuvering back and forth as people try to squeeze by you. (If you’re into that sort of thing — and if you regularly frequent The Pig’s Eye Pub, I will assume you are — it’s a good place to cop a feel.)

Let’s start with the beer: the beer selection at Plan B is always impressive. Their drafts are funky and seasonal and their bottles offer an even greater array of choices. Their appetizers are also delicious–their nachos are BIG and their fried mozzarella is delicious. There are also a few other non-pub fair items too for you more adventurous souls — like lobster pot pie. Me, I like my cheese and grease.

Which brings me to the burgers. When we went there last week, a friend commented “There’s something about the beef here…” and while we mocked him for the comment, it’s actually true. You can taste that it’s not filler-ed up and fatty and has never been frozen. It’s melty. I had the mushroom burger. Now this is not your regular old mushroom and swiss burger. We’re talking three different kinds of mushrooms and truffle oil. I want one right NOW. I’ve also had their veggie burger and their pretzel burger and I’m a fan of both–for those who are not fans of fungi.

The regular fries are okay. But for a little more, you can get their green fries. These are the least healthy, most delicious green beans you’ve ever had. Or their fries sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Also delicious. Their pickles are nice and plump. A friend once told me, “Good pickles give me orgasms.” I was a little disturbed at the time, but now I understand.

So, if you’re looking for a delicious burger and are willing to pay a little more for it (it’s worth it), hit up Plan B (no trip to the pharmacy or past a picket line required). Two full salt shakers.