Goose Poop & Paella…sort of

Peck Island Lighthouse

Peck Island Lighthouse

Dr. Gold and the Asian Persuasion came down to visit me yesterday. We headed down to Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk, where the Asian Persuasion and I danced like monkeys for the good doctor and her camera lense for a few hours. Since it was unseasonably warm at a whopping 45 degrees or so, it was a pretty pleasant experience except for the enormous amount of goose poop that littered the grassy area between the parking lot and the actual beach.

Im thinking this dog would be perfect for keeping the geese and their poo away from me.

I'm thinking this dog would be perfect for keeping the geese and their poo away from me.

Somehow, despite having lived in the area for about a year and half, I’ve never been to Calf Pasture Beach before, and frankly, I’ve been missing out. I pretty much hope to avoid actually swimming in Long Island Sound for the rest of my life — I prefer the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, where I can tell if it’s seaweed, or a jelly fish, or worse brushing up against my leg. So, I figure I have two options: get a dog to walk down by the beach or wait for the snow and goose poop to melt and go rollerblading down there.

We also learned about the Norwalk Islands — the best of which is privately owned, and my new goal in life is to own it (or take it over and stake my claim for The CuT…either way is good for me). But many of them are public, and you can even go camping on one, with a permit, and if you’ve got a boat, it seems like it would be a lot of fun.

After it started to get cold, and the good doctor had filled up her memory card, we headed home and then out to dinner at La Paella. Due to some poor planning on my part, we did not discover that they charge per person when you order paella. We were interested inthe seafood paella, but it was $25 a person. We are poor, partly because no one seems interested in sponsoring this website of ours (I wonder why?) and so we opted to order an assortment of tapas instead. I don’t think our servers were thrilled.

We ordered a tomato sauce and goat cheese dish, a scallop dish, s shrimp and pureed chickpea dish, and a baby squid dish. All of it was delicious! I mean… delicious…I could not get anough of three of the dishes, though I could have done withou the squid. They were worth the $10 each, despite the small sizes. We finished it off with a yummy tiramisu split between the three of us.

Unfortunately, we then sat around waiting for our check for, like, 25 minutes which wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t approximately 35 degrees next to the windows where we were sitting. I was colder in the restaurant than I was dancing around on the beach like a lunatic.

All in all it was a nice day, and I highly suggest a trip to both places, but with a few caveats. If going to Calf Pasture Beach in the winter remember to take some rainboots or otherwise poop-proof shoes, and maybe bring your kayak to help storm that private island out there. If you’re going to La Paella, take the weather into account or ask to be in the back of the restaurant where I would assume it’s a lot warmer. Also, check out the menu first. It is not for those of us with thin blood, and thin wallets. The whole outing gets two salt-shakers, because I hate being cold.