Spris: Bellissimo

It’s been well established that I hate V-Day. With that understanding, the boyfriend made reservations at Spris Restaurant in Hartford on Friday night instead of Saturday (mainly because I refused to put up with snuggly couples and overtaxed waitstaff).

Now, I’ve heard of Spris, mostly good, but I had never been there. It’s not a place you remember because you don’t walk or drive by it regularly, as it’s tucked away on a downtown Hartford side street and is really most visible if you walk Constitution Plaza.

I really liked the feel of the place– modern and sort of trendy but not forced. The waitstaff was polite and friendly. The service was efficient but not intrusive–giving us plenty of time to look over the menu and not getting annoyed when we still needed more time. The seating situation was awkward though; we were at a table probably designed for more people so it seemed like we were across the room from one another.

We had the Carpaccio Agli Asparagi– angus beef carpaccio with asparagus and a horseradish sauce. It was amazing–the beef melted right in your mouth and the asparagus wasn’t…asparagussy.

I had the lobster ravioli in a buttery sauce with (more asparagus). It was amazing–not heavy like some ravioli dishes can be, but still rich and filling. The boyfriend had the special–a bacon wrapped steak dish with gorgonzola cheese and polenta. I had a bite and it was also delicious. But then again, when you have a good cut of meat with bacon and gorgonzola, how can you possibly go wrong? Sadly, since it was a special, you probably won’t be able to partake in that delicious dish, but just about everything on the menu looked fantastic.

Two and a half salt shakers for delectable food and a very special and enjoyable (non-Valentines Day) dining experience–not just a meal out.