How I Know You’re Lying

So, here’s the backstory:

EAST HARTFORD — – Martin Zieky told police he didn’t know the two men who knocked at his door June 28, pushed their way in and choked him until be passed out, tied him up and stole several items, including uncut opals.

But as investigators looked closer, they started noticing inconsistencies in his story.

Zieky, 56, was living at 101 Connecticut Blvd., a public housing complex with video surveillance in the front lobby. No one fitting Zieky’s description of the men entered during the time he said the invasion happened.

There were, however, images of two men entering an hour later and it was Zieky who buzzed them in, police said. Zieky told investigators he thought he knew them.

The minute this guy opened his mouth it should have been obvious most of what he was saying a crock, even before the surveillance video was found, and anyone who has ever lived in the ‘hood, can tell you why:

  1. Randomly targeting someone who lives in a public housing project is not something a criminal with even half a brain does, because it’s a safe bet there ain’t shit worth stealing inside. So, unless you happen to know someone has, say, drug money in their apartment you would have to be retarded to bother robbing them.
  2. Most upstanding citizens don’t keep uncut jewels in their house, unless they’re a jeweler and even then, that’s pretty stupid. You certainly don’t keep valuable uncut jewels in your hosue if you live in a public housing project next to a suspected drug-dealer, unless you yourself are a criminal (and a bad one at that, because if you were a successful jewel thief you’d probably live somewhere nicer).

My skills of deduction have been fine-tuned over the years, thanks to a childhood spent figuring out which one of my neighbors was the sex-offender, which was probably carrying a gun, and which one was most likely to get me arrested through no fault of my own. So, police departments take note — I’m looking for extra income.


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