Prague Take Note: You Can’t Stop a Drunk

Some of you may have read my rant on state officials who don’t want to extend barservice at the casinos to 24-hours. Basically, they think restricting access  to booze keeps drunk drivers off the road. Perhaps they should read this:

WOLCOTT — – The reigning Miss Connecticut Outstanding Teen, a volunteer for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, held a party that resulted in two dozen people being charged with underage drinking, police said Wednesday.

Rachael Ramonas, 17, once organized a benefit for the families of friends killed in a car crash in which the teen behind the wheel had a history of drunken driving, according to the website of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen.

If you can’t keep 17-year-olds from getting drunk, you certainly aren’t going to keep their alcoholic parents with gambling addictions from doing so. On a brighter note, it looks like “Miss Connecticut Outstanding Teen” –the worst title ever, BTW — has a new talent for her next pageant: shot-gunning a beer.