John Rowland Awards

We’ve been neglecting the Rowland Awards lately — an award intended to go to idiots across CT. So, bored as I am today, I thought it would be the perfect time to compile some idiots for you to vote on.

1) A pair of brothers in Stamford were charged with second degree assault and conspiracy after allegedly hitting their father with shovels. The father apparently asked his two older sons to help him and his younger son with the shoveling duties, but they weren’t having it.

2) Monday I worked from home but briefly ventured out into the snow, during which time I saw all of about 4 other cars on the road. On my way back to my house I was sitting at a red light behind a car with a Louisiana plate, and a back windshield completely covered in snow. Not attempt had been maded to uncover it. More annoyingly, this car proceeded to sit through an entire cycle of a green light, responding to my horn just in time to move through the yellow light and leave me sitting through another cycle.

3)The dumptruck pictured above somehow found its way to that position earlier this morning on I-84. This is what The Courant has to say about how it ended up in that position:

The truck was working on the north side of the highway when it hit the Exit 63 sign, said Tate. The truck’s dump body flew up and became entangled in the highway sign, which then caused the truck’s chassis and cab to lift into the air.