Put Your Fertility Idols in Your Carry-On



My family members who try to convince me to lug crap across the Atlantic Ocean for them can tell you that I like to pack light. I spent a week in Ireland and England with one small bag, and the Asian Persuasian a couple of years ago. Family members who thought I was bringing back souvenirs and gifts from my British relatives were SOL. When I went to California last Fall, I brought that same small bag and got downright irate when I was the last person on the plane and ended up having to check my bag due to a lack of space. I purposely brought a carry-on because I had to change planes twice before getting to San Jose, and did not want to lose my bag. As it turns out, I had good reason to not trust the Bradley bag handlers with my goods.

Last weekend 11 people were arrested in connection with luggage thievery.

Some of the property recovered by the state police during the investigation that led to the arrest of 10 baggage handlers at Bradley International Airport on Monday. The accused are charged with stealing items that included laptop computers, cameras and 5-foot wooden African masks from checked baggage and air cargo.

As someone who generally brings one pair of multi-purpose sensible shoes on a trip, and downright refuses to buy a bunch of crappy paraphernalia just to drag it back across the globe, I have to wonder what the Hell the victims of this thievery were thinking when they packed what appear to be fertility idols and computer monitors in their luggage? Haven’t they ever heard of FedEx?