New Haven Priest Arrested (and not for the reasons you might think)

Someone alert crappy chain restaurants across the country: cops apparently have a problem with you hanging old, rusty license plates on your wall. At least that seems to be the case in East Haven. And don’t get in their way…whether you’re a man of God or not. Also, your security cameras — you know, the ones cops use to solve crimes — are illegal, so from now on, just take Polaroids pictures of thieves as they flee from your store. That should not be detrimental to your health at all.

Are you wondering WTF I’m talking about? Well read this New Haven Independent post for the full story — complete with pictures of Ecuadorian immigrants, sans license plates, and security camera video of the whole mess.

Of course, simply harassing immigrants doesn’t get you press coverage. What did the cops do that really pissed off the press? They arrested a priest who tried to document what he — and the Latino community — are calling harassment.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a couple of assumptions:

  • East Haven can’t afford to lose businesses — people aren’t exactly clamoring to open new businesses anywhere, least of all east Haven, and the cops (whose salaries are paid by taxes collected from citizens and business owners) should probably do everything they can to make sure businesses of all sorts operate safely, and efficiently
  • Maybe the bone-chilling cold has kept criminals inside, but I’m pretty sure there is some actual wrong-doing going on in East Haven, and if I had reported a burglary, or any other crime in the past few months I would be down-right pissed that the cops in my town were spending their time f-ing with store owners and their patrons, rather than patrolling the streets looking for ACTUAL crimes