Facebook: Catching Pervs & “Cool” Parents

I think we all know that anyone claiming to be a 14-year-old looking for “a father figure” on MySpace is probably a cop trying to catch a pervert. We also probably know that potential employers Google us and find those embarrassing pictures from last Halloween when you got dressed up as a naughty nurse, or something equally lame, plastered all over Facebook. Some teenagers  have figured out that posting pictures of yourself enaged in criminal acts such as under-aged drinking and smoking pot is a terrible idea with all sorts of potential consequences. Like my 17-year-old cousin, many kids have not figured that out yet, though. Kids in Connecticut though may finally wise-up and realize that their Facebook pages are not private inner-sanctums.

Why would these kids suddenly stop posting their debauched behavior on the internet for everyone to see? Because for the second time in Connecticut, pictures posted on the internet have led to the citation of parents who held parties at their home where kids were allowed to drink…allegedly.

Theodore Berent, 46, and Laura Berent, 45, were charged Monday with nine counts each of permitting a minor to possess alcohol.

They can either dispute the charges in court or pay a total of $2,448 in fines, police said.

I don’t really care if a bunch of 18-year-olds drink–they can vote, buy cigarettes, and go off to war. Might as well let them get drunk to cope with those stresses like the rest of us. But I’ve always been annoyed by the, “They’re going to do it anyway, might as well do it at home where I can see them” school of parenting. Lazy bastards.

This is not to be confused with the more responsible “I don’t want you to drink but if you do, please don’t drive drunk” school of parenting. The aforementioned approach basically says, “I have no real faith in my children to do what they were taught, and rather than discipline them when they break the rules, I’d prefer to condone and control their bad behavior.” It’s one thing to give your own kid a glass of wine at Christmas dinner, but another thing entirely to allow  the children of less permissive parents to get wasted in your basement.I say force the bastards to find a dark place in the scary woods where they have to walk through muddy bogs, and wonder what’s lurking in the shadows if they want to get drunk at 16–and make them hump in the back of their cars like everyone else.  It’s a right of passage.

So, I kind of like to see that lame-ass parenting  technique punished via Social Networking. Ha Ha! You try to be the cool parents and you get screwed for it when the idiots you let get drunk in your basement post pictures of themselves shotgunning beers, and doing God-knows-what on Facebook…and then are dumb enough to let everyone know where they were, and when. Ha Ha! Should have just been old fuddy-duddy losers like all the parents who won’t let their kids come to you house anymore.