Desperation Knows No Bounds

I am often complaining about girls who refuse to just accept a break up and move on. You know who I’m talking about — the kind who still call to try and convince their exes that things will be different, that they’re meant to be together four months after the break-up. Lame! But one Connecticut woman has taken the this lack of self-respect to a new low.

Helen Sun, 37, was arrested Tuesday after sneaking into Robert Drawbough’s bedroom and handcuffing herself to him while he slept so they could talk.

Drawbough, frightened by his wife’s antics, however, called police immediately and begged the dispatcher for help after his wife began biting and scratching him.

I’m practically speechless.

I’m sure Drawbough wasn’t innocent in this affair. His poor wife may have been trying to get him to sit down and talk like grown-ups for weeks. Still, resorting to handcuffs is sad. If he doesn’t want to talk, well then, find someone else to talk to and/or make out with.