You Be the Judge

I may be proven wrong in the days to come, but something about this story seems fishy to me.

NEW HAVEN – New Haven police divers have come up empty after searching Long Island Sound following the discovery of items in the water, including an electronic monitoring bracelet.

The bracelet and other items including clothing apparently belong to a parolee who may have gone into the waters off Long Wharf.

The Coast Guard was called in as soon as those belongings were found Sunday.

Officials say a jogger found clothing along with boots and an ankle bracelet that’s typically used as a tracking device for criminals.

It would be one thing if they’d found half a leg with the bracelet still attached to the ankle, it’s another thing to find a bunch of clothes and the bracelet all on the beach. Sounds like someone staging their own death to me. That guy is half-way to Plum Island by now.