We’re Turning into New Jersey

Way to go CT, you’ve finally done it. You are officially turning into New Jersey. No, I am not talking about the rampant consumerism, or the hideous sub-development. No, I’m talking about our water quality.

The Department of Public Health urged residents in several Connecticut towns to boil their drinking water for one minute before consuming it.

The department requested Wednesday that Metropolitan District consumers in Bloomfield, Glastonbury, Portland, Windsor, Hartford, East Hartford, West Hartford, South Windsor and parts of East Granby and Windsor Locks, boil their drinking water while a study is conducted. They said they’re trying to determine the cause of microscopic aquatic organisms called “copepods” and “rotifers” that have been identified in the drinking water distribution system coming through the district’s Reservoir No. 6 Water Treatment Facility in Bloomfield.

The last time I had to worry about this sort of thing I lived in New Jersey, on the Hudson River where at least I could see Manhattan, tugboats, and dead bodies from my window.