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I think I posted the Rowland Award nominees a bit prematurely, because we have a new, very serious contender.

SOUTH WINDSOR — – A 20-year-old who posted an ad on the Internet giving away a 5-year-old boy was charged with breach of peace.

To be fair, this might be the most hilarious thing I’ve heard in months. I’ve got a brother who is 16 years younger than me. I’m sure if Craigslist had been around when he was little, I might have given this a shot…or at least really wanted to. And considering how hard it can be to adopt a kid in this country, Craigslist might want to think about opening up a new section.

But Ring Nation brought up a good point when he pointed me to this story. What’s really illegal about this? There was no kid. No one was in danger. Even if there was a kid, he wasn’t selling it. He was simply trying to get rid of it. If I went and dropped my kid off at my mom’s house and never came back, I doubt I’d be arrested. I assume the cops were pissed about mobilizing a SWAT team or whatever to help save this kid, only to find out it was all a hoax. But really, how is this any different than when cops post fictional ads or pretend be 14-year-old girls to catch internet creeps? Maybe the kid was just trying to help find human-traffickers.

Anyway, this story is hilarious and I ❤ it:

“I’m tired of this thing. What did I get myself into? Might consider shipping. First come first serve. Must get rid of ASAP. Too damn annoying,” the ad said, according to police.


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