Guess She Won’t Be Wearing that Again

Watching your house burn down around you would be disturbing enough. Being rescued by a woman in a wedding dress would be downright terrifying…especially if you’re a spinster who doesn’t want to leave your cats behind.

Monday, June 01, 2009

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. —  A Connecticut newlywed in her wedding gown is being credited with helping save a family from a Bridgeport house fire.

Officials say that Georgette Clemons had just left her wedding reception Sunday evening when she spotted smoke coming from a home on West McKinley Avenue.

Clemons got out of the car she was riding in and ran into the home. She says a woman was yelling about her animals and didn’t want to get out so she had to pull her out.

As firefighters arrived and battled the blaze after members of the Eitelberg family were rescued, Clemons was nearby folding her blackened wedding dress.

Clemons says she messed up her shoes, but says that’s no big deal because the people inside the burning home are safe.

One has to wonder, though: where was the groom? Shouldn’t they have been humping like rabbits in a hotel somewhere? Did the groom just stand on the sidewalk and wait for the firetrucks to show u? Was he maybe hoping he’d cash in on his wife’s life insurance sooner than originally thought?