All This Independence & Nothing to Do

So, I’ve been looking for a fireworks display to attend on July 4th. Usually, I just go to Wickham Park and watch the Hartford fireworks from the hill, but this year the Riverfest display won’t be until July 11. As far as I can tell, Manchester isn’t having any either. It’s all a bit sad, but should you show up at Wickham Park on Saturday you’ll find flying objects of a decidedly less sparkly nature. Bring your reflexes with you because disc golfers are taking over the park that day for The Greater Hartford Disc Golf Open.

We’re trying to get an insider to write about this for us, and maybe take a few pictures but I hear these golfers are intense. In any case, if you find yourself with a ton of hard won independence and not a damn thing to do on the 4th of July, go check out the GHDGO.


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  1. I no longer have good health, nor do I have a car; nor do the city buses run tomorrow, so I won’t be able to get to Saturday Evening Mass—but I can watch Mass on TV, and I can watch the Fireworks from my arm chair or front porch. Sure I would prefer all that I’ve lost, however with God a switch up in His Holy Will can be interesting! My one foot that was crushed at a factory does not work well, yet I do have crutches, and another good foot, that God has givenme. If I have enough energy, I will walk to Mass. Perhaps, someone at Mass candrive me home. Oh I am grateful, for I no longer have a Migraine, and Pope Benedict XVI sent me a letter and a 4+6 Photograph of His Holiness, thanking me for sending him 2 CD’s, one last year, and one this years. I figured he liked playing the Piano , so he might like my Piano Concertos. I hope he liked my homemade rather churchmade concertos. By now, 1/2 have been made at church, and half were made at home. My son got me a Piano in June 2007. Craig, my son , was surprised I knew how to play the Piano. I told him I was taught, by the Grace of God, in front of the Blessed Sacrament, at a nearby Catholic Church. An odd self appointed Spiritual Director, who said Old Folls cannot learn new things, and who said he didn’t think I had a older vocation. God had already proven partly wrong. If the Pope allows me to be a Contemplative of St. Joseph, I will know all this Vocation is God’s Will, and not my own will.


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