Would You Like Fries For Your Munchies?

Why is it that the cops never bust the good-looking drug addicts? If television and movies (and high school) taught me anything it’s that there are plenty of hot potheads and drug addicts out there (think Mark wahlberg in The Basketball Diaries or Jordan Catalano from “My So-Called Life”). Somehow, though, the cops always seem to find the gross ones…which makes me think the police are simply profiling these guys by finding the hottest messes around and then waiting until they do something stupid. Well, this approach seems to be working, as the cops recently arrested some folks for allegedly selling pot in Chicken McNugget boxes. (Hockey hair after the jump…)

Of course, this all took place in Torrington — home to the beautiful Warner Theater and a ban on plastic rose vases (because they were being used to smoke drugs). Its hard to tell from the NBCConnecticut.com article, but I don’t think this guy was actually employed at McDonald’s. At first I had visions of him in his ridiculous hat and silly uniform taking orders and handing boxes full of weed out to customers, but I think he was just selling weed on the street like any other dude…he just kept it in McNugget boxes. (If I’m wrong, please someone let me know because I find the whole article very confusing.) One has to wonder where he got the boxes, or where he would keep all of them (they don’t roll up nice and neatly like a sandwich bag).

Whatever the circumstances of the actual arrest, I just can’t forgive the hair involved in this whole sordid affair. I may have given these guys the benefit of the doubt, but I don’t believe anyone in Connecticut in 2009 would get these haircuts if they weren’t stoned out of their minds.