Gathering of the Vibes

I’m not personally much for huge concerts where drunks are wandering around peeing in public, and hippies are too busy chasing around imaginary creatures to notice what’s happening on the stage, hence my avoidance of all things Dave Matthews since college. But since The Gathering of the Vibes is taking place in Connecticut we here at The CuT think it’s our duty to plug it–despite the horrendous name.

Muster up your courage and head on down to Seaside Park in Bridgeport, July 23-26, to hear Crosby, Stills, & Nash, Buddy Guy, George Clinton, Guster, The Harlem Gospel Choir and many others perform over the course of three sweaty days. You can get a pass to camp there, but unless you’re into waking up to find patchouli-smelling strangers passed out in your tent, I’m not sure that’s the best option for anyone over the age of 24.

Still, the concert itself does offer plenty of entertainment and tickets come in a variety of options — full weekend, VIP, day pass, and Bridgeport residents get their own special option. Let’s face it folks, this is a one of a kind event in CT. Your next best option is to haul yourself to Bonaroo and slop around in Tennessee’s mud for a few days (which may be a slightly safer bet than camping out in Bridgeport, near the Long Island Sound but is way less convenient…but I digress). Or maybe you could pretend you got confused and head to the Glastonbury Festival, but be aware folks this isn’t just off Route 2 — you’ll need a passport to get there. So you should probably just stick with The Vibes, it’s homegrown.



  1. Thank you for the write-up (I think).

    I am not certain if you are plugging us or thrashing us, but we do appreciate the mention.

    We have a pretty good mix of paid security, and local police on-site to handle almost anyy emergency situation. But if a patchuli smelling hippie does happen upon your campsite, we hope you will send him or her on their way with a wave and a smile… That is the Vibes way.

    The New York Times said we have a “goofy monicker” too, but they also said we are “a well managed festival, and perhaps more importantly, extremly well-natured.”

    We look forward to seeing you at Vibes.


  2. As a CT festival we support you 100%…but the name really does just make me want to run screaming in the opposite direction. Also, we’re almost never earnest about anything. Good luck to ya.


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