Darkwing Duck Wreaks Havoc on Hartford

If you were traveling home last week and saw two men with guns drawn walking on an overpass above 91 in Hartford, don’t fret! These guys weren’t just another statistic. Local filmmaker Effrem Adams was filming a scene for his live action adaptation of Darkwing Duck. Sounds like an exciting scene, right? Well, there was one teensy-weensy problem: no one driving by knew it was for a film. Mr. Adams also failed to tell the Hartford PD that they were going to stage a shootout, complete with fake, yet semi-realistic looking firearms, in a very public place.

Predictably, citizens called the cops who were none too pleased that such a scene was being filmed without their knowledge. Police sorted it out and no one was arrested and charges have yet to be filed. Hopefully the Hartford courts have more important things to do than throw the book at a budding director and actors. How about a $100 fine and send them on their way?

Lesson learned: Hey, don’t draw guns on people (real or not) in crowded places without notifying the proper people! But as the saying goes “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Have you heard about the live action “Darkwing” movie? Publicity! Brilliant!