You thought drunk-dialing was bad…

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of getting a little tipsy and calling and/or texting someone we shouldn’t. Sometimes it’s just an embarrassment, and other times it’s the beginning of another ride on the not terrible, but going nowhere relationship merry-go-round. But there is a bright side; next time you find yourself drunk-dialing someone, just be glad you aren’t this chick:

THOMASTON — – Parents upset by the recent arrest of a music teacher are asking the Board of Education to fire the teacher and reinstate another who had been laid off because of budget cuts, the Waterbury Republican-American reported.

Lindsay J. Krin, 26, the music teacher at Center School, was charged in June with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct after she allegedly got drunk entered the home of her now-married former boyfriend and neighbor, who was not home at the time, the Republican-American reported.

Krin and Adam April, 47, had recently ended a four-year affair, the Republican-American reported. April is a Waterbury police officer and his wife, Deborah A. April, is on the Thomaston Board of Education.

The parents had filed a petition with about 160 signatures with the Board of Education at a special meeting Monday, asking that music teacher Timothy Brandt be reinstated. Upon learning that their request that Krin also be fired wasn’t clear, the parents began drawing up a new petition, the Republican-American reported.


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  1. ummmm what does this have to do with drunk dialing? find something else better to write about or get a better story.


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