Taste of Hartford 2.0

When I was little, I remember the Taste of Hartford being on Constitution Plaza and consisting of what seemed like hundreds of booths with tasty treats. I remember it being pretty much the same as I got older, but it seemed like fewer booths and pretty darn expensive because I was a poor college student. Then it went away.

Now, version 2.0 of  Taste of Hartford is another of the Beat’s attempts to be like NYC, Boston, and DC,–all of which have held  Restaurant Weeks for several years. Personally, I’m all for this concept, thieved from the big cities or not. From now until August 9 (they extended it from the original August 2 ending), over 30 Hartford restaurants will feature a three-course prix fixe menu for $20.09. This gives those of us without fat paychecks the chance to eat at some of the pricier restaurants without going into debt.

The menus are enough to make your mouth water at 8:30 a.m. with some of my personal favorites like  Costa Del Sol, Hot Tomato’s and Feng stepping up to the plate with excellent sounding dishes. There is wide variety of cuisine as well–from Japanese to Brazilian, from Italian to Indian. We plan on checking out O’Porto serving Portuguese fare on Park Street.

While the menus only feature two or three choices for each course, rather than entire menus, some of these dishes look like they were created especially for the Taste of Hartford. Also, when are you ever going to get to eat at a place like Morton’s (whose idea of a deal is dinner for two for $100) for $20 a person?

So, what are you waiting for…get moving!



  1. UPDATE: We went to O’Porto tonight and dang, was it worth it. There were no reservations available but we headed down there to see if we could find places in the bar. We were fortunate that they had outdoor seating available. Although dining outside only gave us a view of a makeshift stand selling oversized Tweety Birds, the food was fantastic and worth the sounds of Park Street (although I did find out that I still don’t like the texture of flan). The service was also extremely good–attentive without being annoying. Highly recommended.


  2. I was at Carbone’s last night and it was packed. We were lucky to snag one of the round booths and had a great time. The food was great and the price afforded us the ability to splurge on a great bottle of wine. I’m glad they extended The Taste of Hartford thru next week because my intention was to hit four or five restaurants (and go on a diet afterward)! I like Feng too and think that may be my next stop!


  3. I can recommend the $20.09 deal at Peppercorns (the zucchini blossom first course is pretty special) and at TK (the beet carpaccio and the seafood pad thai.)
    The Max Downtown deal looked pretty good too, but I got there too late to want to start in on three courses. Also, all these third-course desserts are adding to my waistline, a concern a I have vis a vis The Cut, the only publication that has ever treated me as a chick magnet.

    p.s. I believe in Ansonia, there is a place where they make those big Tweety birds fight with spurs on their legs.


    1. Dear Colin,

      We love you for your mind, and biting wit. Please feel free to support as many Hartford restaurants as you’d like without fear of losing our affections.

      ❤ The CuT


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