It’s Sonic Good

Fox 61 News is reporting that there will be a Sonic Drive-In opening up in Wallingford, which is a good place for it, because according to the Anti-Couric living in Wallingford is like living in the 1950s. This is, no doubt, crackerjack reporting on FOX’s part, as they’re basing the story on an ad seen on looking for managers. So now when you see those Sonic commercials you won’t have to get angry that the nearest one is in Virginia or somewhere, but simpy drive on over to Wallingford…and beat up a Choate kid or two on the way.

Having been to Sonics on trips to Tennessee and Oklahoma, I can say that yes, it’s good stuff which also happens to be really bad for you. They offer their breakfast menu all day and their ice cream will blow your mind. And it’s pretty inexpensive, which is always a plus.

While it’s unclear if other Sonics will pop up around the state, it seems inevitable given how popular they are in other parts of the country. (CT was getting a little too lean anyway. It’s time to start looking like Oklahomans!) With that in mind I have to wonder what took them so long?

Maybe it just didn’t make sense to bring a drive-in chain to New England. This is one of those old-fashioend joints where waitresses bring the food to your car…which may turn out to be problem in January. Let’s hope they’ve got a good plow and plenty of ice melt. I figure all that running burgers and milkshakes around will keep the waitstaff warm so long as they manage to stay on their feet.



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