And grooooooowing…

growingIt has been brought to our attention that The CuT is #69 on WordPress’s list of growing blogs.

This is fortuitous in so many ways, and normally I would just want to cling to that 69 position as long as possible, but not today… Not today. We’re gunning for the top of the list.

Thanks to overwhelming interest in the Montauk Monster people have been flocking to this site in the hundreds. Also, there have been plenty of people drinking the Hatorade; but in our experience people who can’t stand you tend to come around looking for a reason to yell at you. The stats don’t care if you like what you see, so bring it on Haters.

We’d also like to thank the handsome, witty Colin McEnroe for stopping by and pointing his readers to us every once in awhile. We think you’ve helped make this 69 possible.

So, dear readers, please don’t be surprised if we start pandering to the lowest common denominator–which seems to be Montauk Monster enthusiasts. We  can’t help but seek our 15 minutes of fame.