Bringing sexy back…or not

Usually it’s East Hartford that’s fending off “sex-themed” businesses. This time, though, it’s Berlin that’s got the problem. VIP got the nod from the U.S. Court of Appeals (quick…someone check to see if Sotomayor was involved) to open its doors, and now the dildo-dealer is doing business on the Berlin Turnpike.

Yet another story about some uptight residents getting P.O.’d over a few sex toys and some dirty DVDs is hardly worth any attention at this point. But I just couldn’t resist the urge to pick apart the argument set forth, as detailed by WTNH:

a) “Neighbors say the adult-themed store has no place in their residential neighborhood…” — Ummm…I hate to break it to the kind folks living on or near the Berlin Tpke. but there ain’t nothing residential about your neighborhood. You’ve got speeding teenagers, and every chain restaurant imagineable, plus a few skanky dance clubs. It’s hardly Wysteria Lane.

b)”These businesses bring increased crime, lower property values and reduces quality of life. More noise and parking problems, more discarded sex-themed material as well as signage and other very practical impacts on quality of life,” said Attorney General Blumenthal. — Every last bit of this is ridiculous. More noise and parking problems??? On the Berline Turnpike? Discarded sex-themed material? Just sweep it all in the direction of the Grantmoor Motor Lodge and schedule a weekly pick-up. I’m sure whoever is responsible for keeping that stretch of road clean is used to picking up used-condoms and hypodermic needles.