Dragon Boats?

My friends can tell you, I don’t have much use for East Coast beaches. The water is dark, the seaweed is plentiful, and the jellyfish are sneaky. I like clean lakes and rivers though, but the Connecticut River is not on the list of waterways I want to take a swim in. That is why I wouldn’t venture out onto the water in anything without an engine, so I was HORRIFIED to see the story about the Dragon Boat racers who smashed into a bridge, and went tumbling into the water when their boat cracked like an egg.

I still don’t quite understand how the accident happened. There was a mention of there being “a lot of current” and then losing control of the boat. But then there was this truly eloquent description of the terror:

“All of a sudden it’s like BOOOOOM!! And then everybody is like, “AHHHHH!,” Chabebe said.

I’m starting to think the whole thing was a publicity stung for the ninth annual Riverfront Recapture Dragon Boat and Asian Festival.



  1. Definitely wasn’t a publicity stunt – just some incompetent and unlucky boating. One of my friends is on that boat team, and her Facebook the day after the incident certainly reflected the embarassment and odd local notoriety it earned her. They were practicing for the upcoming Dragon Boat races, the current propelled them a way they didn’t want to go, and nobody could figure out how to stop it. The cops told them that other wayward Dragon Boat racers have had to be rescued before, but theirs was the first craft that split open and dumped its passengers in the drink. Guess now I’ll have to find a new crew to root for…


  2. Serious thing: I have been out in my kayak on that part of the River lately, and it’s not terribly safe. The current is unusually strong and fast because of all the rains and — more worrisome — a lot of of debris has been washed in upriver, so that every few minutes a pretty good sized log comes sailing by. Even for a rugged and powerful mighty oak like me, the experience was unsettling.


  3. Colin, please be careful. I don’t know what we would do without you.

    So, are these dragon boats being manned by a bunch of boating noobs? I may turn out to watch the race if there’s more than a 30% chance of the boats colliding. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t want to see anyone get hurt, but I think I’m finally understanding what Nascar fans feel.


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