Terror in the CT Hills

The late 1980s were a pretty terrible time in general, but apparently, things in Connecticut were even more terrible than previously thought.

Suspect says attended
terror camp in CT

Updated: Tuesday, 04 Aug 2009, 10:55 PM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 04 Aug 2009, 10:55 PM EDT

(WTNH) – An FBI agent has testified a terrorism suspect from North Carolina told him he had attended terror camps in Connecticut in the late 1980s.

The information was learned at a detention hearing in North Carolina for Daniel Boyd and six other men accused of plotting terrorism abroad.

The FBI agent testified Boyd said he attended camps here and in Pakistan where he learned hand-to-hand combat training.

There is no word on where the alleged terror camps were or are.

I have no evidence to support this, but I’m going to blame Ashford… It doesn’t seem like much goes on out there, so it is perfect conceivable that no one would notice a terror camp.



  1. Having driven through ashford countless times, I agree. It does seem like it’s just sitting there on the side of Rte. 84 quietly plotting something scary.


  2. I was teaching a terrorism test prep course for Kaplan in those days, and a lot of those ghuys came through. In many cases, their mothers drove them to class.


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