Who’s got a fat ass, makes no sense, and spews nonsense?

This f*cking idiot.



  1. Is that the new word? “Spew”? Can one “spew nonsense”? Is it not redundant to say he “makes no sense” and “spews nonsense”? Was the creator of this thread compelled to make a threefold comment for harmoniuos purposes, but could only think of two?


  2. You can’t have your cake and eat it. If it’s nonsense, it can’t be violent. This reminds me of the nuns who were sent to the guillotine for practicing “a ridiculous religion”.

    Anti-couric shows her distaste for democracy by blocking me from responding. She’s in power of one thing in her life, and she already utilizing censorship – a real lover of free speech. Perhaps she will begin to see that some things in life do bring forth righteous anger. (but of course, only *her* anger is righteous – everyone else should sit down and shutup.)


    1. nonsense certainly can be violent– three stooges are a case in point.

      hey, big boy, want to meet up in an airport restroom? or do you just prefer to text your underage boy toys.

      after providing you multiple opportunities to actually make a point instead of simply proving the intellectual bankruptcy of the current incarnation of the hard right by ‘spewing nonsense’ and engaging in ad hominem attacks, she shut you down.

      good for her.

      although i think you’d have to shut up to suck my big black throbbing . . .

      well, you get the picture, don’t you sweetie?

      you know you want it


  3. There’s plenty of violent nonsense out there…but in this case the problem was more of the “great quantities” part of the definition of “spew.” And I’ve read your other comments–and I think the personal attacks and refusal to make a coherent point while littering this blog with your “nonsense” is the problem– not anyone’s “righteous anger” or “distaste for democracy.” And considering you’re still commenting despite your refusal to “argue with an intellectually dishonest and scatterbrained women” I’m guessing no one is actually denying you your right to free speech. But damn, I wish they would, ‘cuz you’re a fucking asshole.


  4. A mysoginist and a homophobe. It’s absolutely shocking that you haven’t been able to put together a coherent statement, or even state–for the record–what position it is you’re actually here “defending.” Lower taxes? Anti-healthcare reform? Or do you just hate everything indiscriminately (that seems the most likely at this point)? Though your repeated mention of violence and pain in this thread scares me, it also baffles me. What exactly would you know about my pain threshold? The guy who pierced my nipples would disagree with you.


  5. I think this John guy is probably the fat ass from the video and is pissed you made fun of his weight problem.


    1. wow, since you’re using the plural and there is only one John Smith pissing on everyone else’s shoes like the spoiled white privileged brat that he is [any relation to W? i wonder] i’m guessing you’re referring to the rest of ‘us’.

      so who exactly is ignorant and about what?

      c’mon, you can say it.
      after all, we don’t which mom’s basement you’re typing from.


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