A Paid Operative for Rachel Maddow vs. Man-Boobs

I was loitering over on To Wit and found a video of our fat friend who wishes death upon Chris Dodd acting like a lunatic in front of a grocery store.  Unfortunately, the proprietor of the blog, Mr. McEnroe, already made many of the jokes I wanted to make — like from the looks of the crowd, their advanced age and weight, you’d think that they would be a bit more worried about getting their own health care paid for.

I guess you should just watch the video, then we can discuss:

A man with a camera=publicity.

Yet, there still doesn’t seem to be a single person willing to speak intelligently about what these mobs believe. I find it odd that this group can’t seem to get a real speaker to voice their opinions in a coherent manner. Instead they’ve got a sloppy loudmouth with man-boobs yelling not particularly catchy, or well-informed slogans. (Honestly, can someone explain to me why these people seem to think “National Health Care” is being proposed? I mean, if I spent this much of my time fighting a non-existent issue, I think I’d feel cheated.)

Anyway, I’d like to catch up with old Man-Boobs in a couple of years, when he’s looking at prescriptions for cholesterol drugs, perhaps some nitroglycerin, and Viagara. Then we’ll see if he still thinks “National Health Care” is a bad idea. In the meantime, I’m going to look into getting the British citizenship I’m pretty sure I’m entitled to. At least then, I’ll have a back-up plan in case my crappy company decides health insurance is just too expensive, and these tea-baggin’ fools get their way.

And in case you were wondering why these guys seem to hate the adorable Rachel Maddow–or where these people are getting their motivation and funding–visit this site.

P.S. I think Mr. McEnroe is right…God has turned on the Red Sox because Man-Boobs doesn’t seem to go anywhere without his sweaty old hat. Even if you don’t care about the health of the poor, sir, surely you care about seeing the Sox get to the playoffs. Please, put on a Yankees hat the next time you go out.


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