White Trash Rejoice! Springer Cometh!

Today is the day trailer park dwellers and transvestite pimps all across the state have been waiting for! 

The Jerry Springer Show has commenced production in Stamford, “the city that works.”  We’re glad to see CT getting a nice little injection of tax money, job creation, and “culture.” After reading The Courant article about this momentous day, I am, however, a bit afraid for our youth.

Tom Leonard, 21, a student at Fordham University in New York, traveled to Stamford for the second show, with two friends. A communications major from Hopkinton, Mass., Leonard had originally planned a trip to Chicago in March for a Springer taping, but instead waited for the Stamford production. Leonard, who said he has attended several tapings of “Maury” but has always wanted to see “Springer,” which he watches every day. “If I have class, I DVR it,” he said.