Beware of the Elderly

I learned a long time ago that the elderly have sticky fingers. This old lady used to come into the store where I worked in high school, get the Sunday New York Times we held for her, ask us to put it in a bag, and say she would pay for it in the back with her prescriptions. Then, one day, I just happened to be in the back when she was supposed to be paying. She did no such thing. Old lady had been robbing the store for years…decades even. So it came as no surprise to me when I heard about this other old lady looting her friend’s estate.

Apparently an 83-year-old New Jersey woman named Elizabeth “Bubb” Ellis visited the Westport home of a dead friend, which is weird. Was she paying her respects to the family? Maybe. But mostly she was just, allegedly, stealing a bunch of silver. (Yes, apparently people do actually steal silver.)She was caught, because the family installed a camera as over $40,000 worth of jewelery and other expensive crap had been stolen over the past five years.

Also arrested was Ellis’ son, Mark Hobson. Apparently, Hobson is on camera stealing some silver, as well as finding a secret cubbyhole where jewelery used to be stashed…all while in his pajamas.



  1. “robbing the story” ? do you mean “store”?
    “not such thing” ? do you mean “no”?

    hmm interesting story lol.


  2. Do you have anymore stories related to this elderly? Mark, his son, mentioned in a dinner party that his mother (not sure which one) murdered her husbands. Apparantly, Mark was caught stealing cash from my wallet and also a few belongings.


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