Bring Back the Chain Gangs

I like your style, M. Jodi.

The Stamford Advocate tells me that you’re expanding the prison inmate work program to help save some dinero. I like a lady who knows a bargain when she sees one, and this…my friend…is a bargain. All you gotta do is feed them and put a roof over their heads, and  you’ve got a ready workforce.

But why stop at cleaning roads? Maybe you should get some of those ladies who are always writing books for Wally Lamb to teach a few English classes. Or perhaps you could have these guys on the roadcrew start picking up litter along the riverbanks, as well. Maybe some of the white collar guys could fill jobs at the DMV or DCFS. I mean, if they can cheat on taxes, they’re probably smart enough to register my car or decide whether someone should be allowed to keep their kids.